CSF Reinvents the BMW E30 Oil Cooler

An M20 oil cooler with all the features you need

CSF is excited to announce the release of its new BMW E30 oil cooler (also can fit vehicles with M20 engine swaps). CSF’s new technology & featured packed E30 oil cooler is a perfect solution for the growing BMW restoration market. The E30 has become a great platform for engine swaps of all kinds, from S54 BMW motors dropped into the engine bay, all the way to LS engine swaps, everything has been popping up on the scene lately, and CSF is here to keep you cool!

Developed along with leading BMW restoration R&D partner CA Tuned, CSF has been able to incorporate many features into its drop-in fit E30 oil cooler. This makes the new CSF E30 oil cooler not just an option for customers looking for a high-quality OEM replacement for the 25+ year oil cooler, but a performance and fitment upgrade as well. One of the most innovative features of this new m20 engine oil cooler is the included fitment kit allowing users to run -10 AN lines instead of the older OEM style rubber & hardline bent hoses which can be corroded, hard to source, and expensive to purchase.

CSF BMW E30 Oil Cooler

  • Direct fit oil cooler for BMW E30
Also can fit other M20 engine swap set-ups
Comes complete with fitting kit for both OEM styleΒ as well as -10 AN male connections
  • High-performance bar/plate design for maximum durability and performance
Cast end tank design
Matte black finish
  • OEM #Β 1719179
  • Direct fit for: 1988-1991 E30 BMW 325i / BMW 325is / BMW 325iX.
  • MSRP / MAP – $339

Purchase the new CSF E30 oil cooler from one of our leading BMW specialty dealers, including R&D partner:

Visit our dedicated BMW product page Β to view more CSF BMW applications as well as a list of BMW specialty dealers and CSF distributors worldwide!

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