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We can remember like it was yesterday, Ryan Basseri, owner of, walked into the CSF booth at SEMA 2014, CSF’s 5th SEMA show as an exhibitor. Ryan started to his explain the “tuck” radiators he was having made by another radiator manufacturer. He desired more from his current supplier. He wanted something better and more advanced than the generic radiator core + home made fabricator looking unit that’s all to common in the industry today. He was looking to separate his product from the rest of the crowd. Everyone else was generally making the same thing, everyone copying the same thing as everyone else…

A wiring and motorsports electronic genius, Ryan’s mind started to flow with CSF’s world leading manufacturing capabilities. Rywire came up with a universal threaded inlet/outlet bung system that could use either more “high-end” / advanced -16 AN fittings, 1.25 inch OEM style slip-on hose connections, or even be plugged for multiple installation configurations. Combined with CSF’s 1-hour mirror polish finish, CNC machined brackets, fan shroud, option for dual-fans, and best-in-class packaging, there was finally a major leap in innovation for the tuck radiator market.

The rest continue to chase, trying to mimic the winning combo of CSF + Rywire… however; no one comes even close.



Overall dimensions: 24′ Length X 9′ Height X 2.75′ Wide

Overall dimensions: 24′ Length X 13.5′ Height X 2.75′ Wide
  • 2-row 52mm high performance radiator core by CSF. With B-Tube technology and 8mm multi-louvered fin height
  • Dual-pass design allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator 2 times before exiting the radiator for the lowest outlet temperature possible. Also allows for easy plumbing with both inlet/outlet connections on the same side tank.
  • Installation kit includes both -16 AN male connections, as well as 1.25’ OEM style “Slip-on” hose connections.
  • Multiple mounting tab options and universal brackets included for fitment with any set-up.
  • Dual top/bottom drain plug design on same side tank featuring CSF’s industry best CNC machined race-style drain plugs.
    • Top drain tab can be used as custom filler or breather valve
  • Billet designed welded dual-fan shroud (option to include single or dual 8-inch high performance fans)
  • CSF’s 1-hour hand finished mirror polish
  • Suitable for street-use, heavy-traffic, as well as performance racing (#8024- 350 HP rated /#8049-500 HP rated in racing conditions)
  • MSRP: $425.00 (CSF #8024) & $475.00 (CSF #8049) – Fans, filler-neck, and thermostat housing packages available
  • Designed, developed, and proven in conjunction with R&D partners:

Cick here to see the most advanced Honda/Acura radiator ever built. Exclusive 1-off design for Rywire’s award-winning GT3Integra featured on:


The Ultimate Drag Race Radiator



Off the heels of the industry’s #1 selling Tuck Radiator by Rywire collaboration, CSF utilized it’s partnership with both Rywire and Import drag turbo specialist, Sheepey Built, to create the KING COOLER – The world’s most advanced drag-race / tuck-style radiator. Perfect for professional motorsports, street-use, heavy traffic, and other universal configurations.

Featuring CSF’s industry-exclusive, world’s largest 2-row core measuring an enormous 68mm thick (2.71’ core width – 3.6’ wide overall / (5.65’W with fan installed).

Another game-changing innovation of a simple design from CSF and its industry best partners.

  • 2-row 68mm high performance radiator core by CSF. With B-Tube technology and 8mm multi-louvered fin height
  • Core features an ultra-efficient multi-louvered fin design for maximum surface area contact
  • Installation kit includes both -16 AN male connections, as well as 1.25’ OEM style “Slip-on” hose connections.
  • Universal mounting bungs and brackets included for both top and bottom endtanks.
  • Includes 9-inch SPAL fan and welded aluminum fan shroud
  • 1 hour hand polished mirror-finish
  • Overall dimensions: 14.5 Height x 10.0 Length x 3.6 Width (5.65W with fan installed)
  • Can be installed in both vertical and cross-flow configurations
  • MSRP: $489

* Due to the advanced features and heat-transfer technologies of the CSF KING Cooler, it allows it to be used in many different types of racing and on-road vehicles. Including, but not limited to; Go-Karts, drag race, short course, auxiliary heat exchanger needs, off-road, and industrial / agricultural.

*Show with optional 12-inch SPAL fan & Shroud

Fits all 92-00 Honda Civic
chassis, 94-01 Acura Integra, and other K-Swap set-ups.

Optional all-aluminum fan shroud for driver’s side of radiator

Part No: CSF2858F
All-aluminum fan shroud with 12-inch high performance SPAL Fan
MSRP: $210.00

  • 2-row 42mm high performance radiator core by CSF. With B-Tube technology and ultra-efficient 6.5mm multi-louvered fin height
  • Installation kit includes both -16 AN male connections, as well as 1.25’ OEM style “Slip-on” hose connections.
  • Universal mounting features
  • CNC machined mounting boss and elevated mounting pin (included)
  • Adjustable mounting pins and plug system for the top of the tank (included)
  • Side mounting points as well as billet center mounting point for all EG & EK chassis
  • Updated filler neck design (allows 3-way adjustable breather pipe to be installed in multiple directions)
  • Temperature sensor port
  • 1 hour hand polished mirror-finish
  • Optional all-aluminum fan shroud with 12-inch high performance SPAL Fan on driver’s side of radiator (CSF#2858F): MSRP $210.00
  • New CSF K-Swap Radiator V3 (#2850K): MSRP $359.00
  • Click here to see an in depth product highlight of “The Ultimate K-Swap Radiator”


The Honda S2000 is considered one of the best all-around sports cars in its class. More track enthusiasts have been getting their hands on these cars, and as they have started to pack on performance upgrades and undergo cooling system overhauls on 10-15 year+ cooling systems, the need for a more efficient cooling system has become increasingly important. The need for a larger capacity, higher efficiency performance radiator is especially critical when upgrading to a forced induction power systems (both supercharging and turbocharging).

CSF has teamed up with Rockstar Garage to develop a unique cross-flow dual-pass radiator for the Honda S2000. This new design includes a fully enclosed aluminum fan shroud, Dual SPAL fans (12-inch and 10-inch), multi-fit temperature sensor ports to fit both Gen1 and Gen2 models, and much more! To top it off, it is drop-in fit with minimal modifications needed to install. This is a quick and easy plug & play solution to increase the cooling performance of the Honda S2000.

  • 2-row 42mm B-tube technology core.
  • Dual-pass cross-flow design.
  • Fully enclosed aluminum fan shroud
  • Comes complete with dual SPAL fans (10-inch and 12-inch fan set-up)
  • Multi-fit sensor temperature sensor port for both Gen1 and Gen2 models.
  • 1-hour hand-polished mirror finish.
  • Complete with 1.4bar high-pressure radiator cap
  • Many innovative features and details for a quick and easy plug&play solution to increase cooling performance in your Honda S2000
  • MSRP: $599 w/ special introductory pricing of $549 (includes radiator with fan shroud, pressure-cap, and 2 SPAL fans)

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Other Honda/Acura Applications


Honda Prelude Si
Part No: CSF2860
Year(s): 1992-1996
MSRP: $259.00


Honda Accord V6 (98 – 02)
Part No: CSF2740
Year(s): 1998 — 2002
MSRP: $249.00


Honda Civic
Part No: CSF2837
Year(s): 2001 — 2005
MSRP: $229.00


Honda Civic (VTEC) & Del Sol
Part No: CSF2858
Year(s): 1992 — 2000
MSRP: $209.00


Honda Civic Si & 1.8L
Part No: CSF7008
Year(s): 2006 — 2009
MSRP: $249.00


Honda Civic Si (03 – 05)
Part No: CSF3022
Year(s): 2003 — 2005
MSRP: $239.00


Honda Civic/CRX
Part No: CSF2856
Year(s): 1988 — 1991
MSRP: $249.00


Honda Prelude
Part No: CSF2861
Year(s): 1997 — 2001
MSRP: $249.00


Honda S2000
Part No: CSF7009
Year(s): 2009 — 2010
MSRP: $319.00


Acura Integra
Part No: CF2850
Year(s): 1994-2001
MSRP: $249.00


Acura RSX
Part No: CSF7000
Year(s): 2002-2006


Universal Honda Civic Fan Shroud + 12-inch SPAL fan
Part No: CSF2858F
Years: 1992-2000
MSRP: $210.00
All-aluminum fan shroud with 12-inch high performance SPAL Fan – fits all OEM style fitment Honda Civic (92-00) radiators.

CSF Cools Project DC2 by MotoIQ