The KING Cooler

The worldโ€™s most advanced drag race radiator

After more than 9 months of R&D, and input from some of the best import drag raceย builders in N. America, CSF has brought to the sport compact market the most advanced dragย race cooling system ever developed. Introducing the KING Cooler.

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Since the launch of CSFโ€™s industry leading line of tuck radiators exclusively for Rywire,ย ย the calls have been coming into CSF to produce a similar universal item for the import drag race market (SFWD). Afterย working with industry leaders such as Sheepey Built, Whitfield Manufacturingย and JRP Canada, CSF was able to use itโ€™s industry leading technology to come upย with a universal solution that is now in stock and readily available through CSFโ€™s distributionย and dealer network around the globe.


The #KINGcooler (CSF #7065)

The Ultimate Drag Race Radiator

โ€ข 3.5 inch thick 2-row core with CSFโ€™s exclusive B-tube technology

  • Threaded bungs accepting 1.25 inch slip-on fittings and -16 inlet/outlet connections (Kitย included)
  • Universal mounting brackets included
  • Includes 9-inch SPAL fan
  • 1 hour hand polished mirror-finish
  • Overall dimensions: 14.5H ร— 10.0L ร— 3.6W (5.65W with fan installed)
  • MSRP / MAP – $489 USD


For the longest time, buying a drag-race radiator was a tasking process. End users had to custom order the unit based on their connection and mounting specifications. Typically, thisย process would take 2-4 weeks, and cost between $500-$600 + shipping charges. CSF hasย eliminated this hassle by making sure that these units are in stock in both of our costalย warehouses, and on the shelves of our distributors and supporting dealers across N. Americaย and Australia. Make sure to contact one of distributors or dealersย for purchasing.

Here are some quick links for purchasing the KING Cooler from some of preferred dealers andย R&D partners.


Donโ€™t forget to check out our collaboration line of custom tuck radiatorsย if you areย looking for a larger radiator that is more suitable for street use

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Make sure to head over to to check out an in-depth tech article on our line of dragย race and tuck radiators

* Due to the advanced features and heat-transfer technologies of the KING Cooler, itย allows it to be used in many different types of racing and on-road vehicles. Including, but notย limited to; Go-Karts, drag race, short course, auxiliary heat exchanger needs, off-road, andย industrial / agricultural.

You can check out all of our universal applications here to find the solution that is rightย for you.

Please feel free to contact with any questions that you may have.

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