The sound of a V8’s cold start, the satisfying feeling of a perfectly rev-matched downshift, or banging off a car’s rev limiter, sliding through a corner – all things that cannot be fully experienced without the internal combustion engine. 

To many performance enthusiasts, a car’s engine directly reflects its character – It’s the car’s “soul.” That’s why electric cars are widely frowned upon by us performance enthusiasts. It’s practically common knowledge that the driving experience that an internal combustion engine produces is unmatched – but is it irreplaceable? Bisimoto claims not. 

If you haven’t heard of the automotive engineer before, just know that Bisi has just as much of a passion for all things automotive related as you and I. He’s built some off-the-wall stuff in the Porsche world and Honda world, and is probably most notably known for his 1000-plus horsepower Honda Odyssey. We’ve been there every step of the way, ready to see what’s next…

…and EVs are what’s next.

Whether we all like it or not, electric cars are only going to continue to grow in popularity. What Bisi has whipped up is not only really cool, but is also gives us hope for the automotive aftermarket world we imagine in about 50 years. 

The “935 K3V” debuted at the 2019 SEMA Show in the Toyo Tires booth

He took this awesome Porsche 935 and put a custom all-electric AC 3-phase induction motor under its classic body. Its fitted with a lot of the parts you would expect, but they have a twist to them – like the Quaife shifter that engages drive and reverse, the gas filler on the hood that covers the car’s charging port, and the wheels that feature 3D printed pieces. It’s something all new, yet familiar.

Just like the conventional internal combustion engine, electric motors produce a lot of heat and, in turn, need to be sufficiently cooled. Though the cooling system similarly increases an electric engine’s performance, it can provide more benefits. One of those benefits was allowing Bisi to use a smaller motor to lower the vehicle’s overall weight and increase its power to weight ratio. The moment Bisi reached out to us regarding this project, we immediately teamed up with him to keep the EV Porsche COOL!

Its running two of our compact dual-pass oil coolers to cool the battery liquid and our GT3 center radiator for inverter, stator, and motor cooling.

Porsche GT3 Center Radiator (CSF#7053) Used for Motor, Stator, and Inverter Cooling
Universal Dual-Pass Oil Coolers (CSF#8119) Used to Cool the Battery

While we have yet to experience it firsthand, we can’t imagine a chassis weighing in less than 2700lbs. paired with 626 horsepower not being a good time. It still has the familiar feeling of performance tires gripping the street and well-tuned suspension to keep the car planted… sure, it has different power delivery but, according to Bisi, that’s all customizable – whether you’re looking for a linear curve, instant power to throw you back in the seat, or anything in-between. 

And this is just the start. Electric motors are constantly improving in range, performance, size, and are just beginning to open up what is going to be a whole new segment in the automotive world. With high-performance hybrid designs emerging and all-electric builds like this one, this is the start of way enthusiasts will be able to enjoy them – all without worry of SMOG legality, noise limits, and more.

“It’s refreshing to know that the future of fun motoring isn’t going to be reserved to the history books or old YouTube videos. It’s just going to be a bit quieter.”

– Mark Riccioni, SpeedHunters
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