Bimmerfest 2019 – 20th Year Anniversary

An Award Winning Finish for CSF

With May coming to an end and just a few weeks shy of summer, car shows and caravans are in full swing here in Southern California. CSF geared up and prepared for the 20th year anniversary of Bimmerfest, the largest private BMW gathering in the world. Hosted in our back yard, Auto Club Speedway that is less than 10 minutes away from our headquarters. This is one of the biggest events of the year that we attend considering BMW is our strongest market. Check out our Bimmerfest 2018 recap if you missed it last year. And against the odds, Southern California decided it wanted to show chances of rain in the forecast for the big weekend. Not only was there Bimmerfest to look forward to, but it was also Memorial Day weekend! We had our ponchos on stand-by, set our alarm clocks for the big day and were ready to kick-off the weekend with a bang!

CSF showcased its two weapons of choice. @HonestAssemblys S55 swapped BMW E30 M3 making its debut to the public since SEMA 2018. (You can read in depth on this student-built master piece HERE and Phil’s one of a kind BMW F80 M3 @Stormtrooper_F80.

Luckily on Saturday, the clouds scattered and we had perfect weather for a car show and a track day. We set up our booth and brought some of our most popular and new BMW products on display. This gives everyone a chance to see, touch, smell and maybe not taste, but get an overall feel of the quality of CSF products. One of the crowd favorites is the BMW F8X Top-Mount Charge-Air-Cooler (CSF #8082). This year we had 2 on display; one of them being the standard crinkle black finish and the other one featured our new custom thermal dispersion coating. You can feel the difference between the two just by touching it. Another popular unit on display was our Industry’s Best BMW N54 Intercooler (CSF #8127 / #8127B) and The Ultimate BMW Cooling Solution for the F87 M2.

Before the herds of people were allowed in the gates we had a chance to look through the vendor row for cars that were kept cool by CSF. 

Local CSF retailer Mod Bargains brought a proper line up of cars. Alan’s BMW F82 M4 (@AW.M4) was being judged for competition when we rolled around and Rob’s(@Rob.Hulsey) BMW F80 M3 also had his hood popped. Both cars utilizing the Dual-pass Charge-Air-Cooler (CSF #8082)in custom color ways.

This Trio made for a great photo together.  The “Off-White” F87 M2 belongs to @M2Sauce had great eye appeal for all of the hype-beasts, showing off our Ultimate Cooling Solution for the F87 M2, RK Titanium showcasing our Top-Mount Charged-air-cooler (CSF#8082) and added his custom titanium cover plate. @MunichMonster had his own “monster” custom titanium plate made for his charge cooler as well.

One of our good friends Bagged_B58 surprised us with a fresh wrap, going from an alpine white to a “blurple” blue. Check out the BMW B58 High-Performance Heat Exchanger (CSF #8131/#8131B) poking through the front grill.

@m.jercan  from MFR Engineering came out with an all white refresh track ready BMW F80 cooled by the Ultimate Cooling Solution for the F8X M3/M4.

Extreme Powerhouse brought Jenny’s custom bubble gum pink sparkle Top-Mount Charge-Air-Cooler (CSF#8082) out from hiding for a quick photo.

The trouble maker himself Alex Choi brought his M2, showcasing some new skid plates and our full BMW F87 M2 Cooling Package (CSF#7078, #8115, #8103 and #8104).

Titan7 Wheels displayed their fresh F87 M2 in the BBS booth. Utilizing our complete BMW F87 M2 cooling package (CSF#7078, #8115, #8103 and #8104). You don’t really need to have any body modifications for this car to look stunning.

Prestige Marketing had their supercharged BMW E92 M3 racecar with an aggressive and contrasting livery. Running our Ultimate Cooling Solution for the E9X M3.

PartsScore showed off their newly acquired mirror polish Dual-pass Charge-Air- Cooler (CSF#8082). Walking by later in the day, you could see people covering their eyes walking by as the high polished finish was reflecting the sunlight on everyone’s faces. Well worth it!

Standout LA showed up with their soon to be raffled BMW E92 with the custom hand painted black and red CSF logo on the BMW N54 High-Performance Stepped Bar/Plate Intercooler (CSF #8127 / #8127B).

We found Street Fighter LA’s new F30 wide body kit 

@Devn_de_los_angeles took home 2nd place trophy for overall modified and is equipped with our BMW N55 High-Performance Stepped Bar/Plate Intercooler (CSF #8115/8115B).

@Imsikxi drove from the bay to LA with his all black M6 and popped his hood to show off the worlds first set of hydro dipped carbon fiber BMW F1X M5/M6 Twin Charge-Air-Cooler Set (CSF#8109). Looking Good!

This beautiful M2 Competition sitting in the BBS booth is styled by IND. With a fresh set of BBS wheels this BMW M2 Competition is also outfitted with the Top-Mount Dual-pass Charge-Air- Cooler (CSF#8082), unfortunately the owner was not around for an under the hood photo.

Sibo debut’s his freshly widened BMW F82 M4 featuring the Top-Mount Dual-Pass Charge-Air-Cooler (CSF #8082). The CSF logo looks so good on top of the fender, lets see the trend continue!

Studio RSR brought their “Ring Taxi” to the track portion. We spotted it a little late after the track sessions. Nonetheless, we found it! The “Ring Taxi” is equipped with our new BMW N54 High-Performance Intercooler (CSF #8127B), High-Performance All Aluminum Radiator (CSF #7045) and Race-Spec DCT/6speed Transmission oil cooler (CSF #8042).

The cherry on top for the weekend was CSF’s booth cars cleaning out the house and taking the podium on both days of the event. Each car was awarded 1st Place Modified M (Sat/Sun) and Phil’s F80 also took best of show on Sunday! CSF brought the COOL!

It’s not only the scale that makes this event special for CSF, but it’s our own passion for BMWs that have grown us to be the elite cooling experts in the community. We have spent years developing unique cooling components for BMW’s, both old and new. Currently producing the largest range of Ultimate Cooling Solutions for BMW’s, we continue to push these products as the number one selling product line year after year. A glimpse of our presence can be seen as one of the elite brands and most featured in high-performance builds at Bimmerfest.

Thank you to Bimmerfest for successfully organizing another seamless car show with such a large audience, as well as supporting vendors and partners. This show is truly one of a kind and cannot be what it is, without the people behind it. Till next year Bimmer heads…STAY COOL!

Click Here to see the full line of CSF’s BMW Ultimate Performance Cooling Solutions.

Check out the Bimmerfest 2019 Recap video from our friends over at Parts Score

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