Bisi’s Wago-van

AWD + 1000hp + Honda Wagon?!

Bisimoto is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to the Honda scene. For a few years he has branched out and left his personal mark on a few Porsches that managed to make heads turn and spin at SEMA, but he has returned to his roots with this latest build, the Wago-van. 

What is remarkable about his builds is how much he stays true to the look of the original car, he puts his little twist on it. At first glance with the hood on this car, most people would think it is just a repainted Honda wagon with some nice wheels on it and how wrong would they be?

Side Profile of the Wago-van

There are a few things that are common with each of his builds: the rear window subtle roll calls, the vibrant colors, and unique wheel choices, but most of all — the almost comical amount of power that each car possesses. So much so most people never believe the numbers until they see the cars in action.

All of the project partners in a very classy manner

So, how much power does this car currently have? Keep in mind that the motor is still in its break-in period so it hasn’t been turned up in the slightest compared to what it will be. 

772whp, yes you read that right! 772whp out of a K Series as its being broken in. Oh, and that’s all-wheel horsepower, so account for about a 20% drivetrain loss, and you have a near 1000hp four-cylinder wagon.

Notice how our K-Swap Radiator allows for ample clearance and looks right at home!

So, why did he build this?

Who puts four digits of horsepower into a Honda wagon when there are so many other cars out there?

Find out here as Bisi and Nads over at Hoonigan getting a little more personal about the build!

The Bisi Odyssey

Well, it all goes back to his original van, the 1000hp odyssey. The van shocked the world; it was a van that could do rolling burnouts and still pick up the kids from school, there was nothing else like it before. Unfortunately, when he was invited onto a show called the fastest car to test its real potential, the van did not fare so well, and he lost. FWD and over 1000hp does have its limits.

Bisi instead of sulking over his loss, he just decided to build something even crazier, a Honda wagon converted to AWD with potentially even more power! A lighter chassis with better traction potential could only make things better, so Bisi decided to debut this build at SEMA.

The contrast of the valve cover and mirrors against the BMW Yas Marina Blue paint.

But as with all SEMA builds, it all came down to the last minute. So much so that five days before the show, the car was just a bare shell. Bisi assembled this entire car in under a week.

One button is for the horn… the other, well… watch the Hoonigan Video to find out more 😉

Notice how clean and straightforward his interior is, nothing is overdone or out of place.

Oddly enough these Wago-vans in a specific trim did come from the factory with AWD; this one however did not. So not only was this a full build from the ground up, but Bisi even converted it from FWD to AWD using components from a CR-V. These Wago-vans are not very easy to come by these days and sourcing an original drivetrain from that trim is even worse, CR-Vs and parts though are a dime a dozen.

Reverse mounted Turbonetics 72mm billet turbocharger with 46mm wastegate tucked away behind the motor

Still, that’s not even the most exciting part of the build, the real shocker is the motor that Bisi used, he used a K24Z3 bottom end and K24z7 Head, yeah you know the weird head that has the built-in exhaust manifold that is only one port, it’s that one. 

The unique Turbo “elbow” manifold that is responsible for the quicker spool up and massive powerband

Notice how that Turbonetics turbo is also mounted backward, almost directly mated to the block, there is much less piping used since the k-series is mounted “backward.” 

By using less piping and freeing up space in the engine bay, it kept spool times and temperatures down. The way how to maintain lower temperatures is, of course, our amazing CSF Race K Swap Radiator Kit.

CSF Ultimate K-Swap Radiator fitted with fan shroud and SPAL Fan

Our K-Swap Radiator kit has been proven time and time again to keep engine temperatures down, and with Bisi planning on pushing over 1000whp with this wagon, he had to ensure that he used the best possible set up there is. There is no room for error when running such a wild configuration. 

A complete set of fittings (-16 AN or slip-on connections) and mounting hardware all included in our K-Swap Radiator Kit pictured above

Not only is our radiator superior to others as far as cooling goes, but notice it also has a threaded bung to allow you to run -16 AN or slip-on connections. With an -16 AN fitting option, you can run braided stainless hoses and bring your project to the next level. Not only does this look incredible, but it ensures that you have a much stronger connection than a typical slip-on silicone hose. 

See more information on the same K-Swap Radiator Kit that Bisi is using in his build here!

One last picture of the beast

Indeed Bisi has created yet another masterpiece, every single nut and bolt of this car has is turned, and it shows. This fully restored EE Wago-van began life with a little over 90hp at the crank and will soon have over 1000hp to the wheels. We at CSF are proud to be a part of such a fantastic project and can’t wait to see what else is in the future. 

Check out the Speedhunters feature of Bisi’s Wago-Van.

Even our friends at Superstreet decided to write an article as well

While writing this blog entry I messaged Bisi back and forth and bit and he even shot over his full mod list:

1991 EE Bisimoto Wagon

  • Bisimoto Built K24Z3 bottom end and K24z7 Head
  • Eagle 93mm Billet crankshaft
  • Eagle K24 HD Rods
  • Traum 10.3:1 forged pistons
  • Golden Eagle Sleeved Block
  • King Race bearings
  • PurOl SAE 40 break-in Oil
  • PurOl MTF
  • Bisimoto Level 2.4 Camshafts
  • Supertech Stainless Steel intake and Inconel exhaust valves, springs and titanium retainers
  • Ktuned Relocation bracket, thermostat housing, and rear toe kit
  • Rywire Harness
  • SB Machine competition valve job
  • Golden eagle intake Manifold and fuel rail
  • 2200cc Injectors
  • Propel E85 fuel
  • PRL Intercooler, Oil kit, and turbo manifold
  • Turbonetics 72mm billet turbocharger
  • Precision 46mm wastegate
  • Pirate Auto Oil pump
  • Magnafuel 750 fuel pump
  • Quaife sequential transmission with CRV bell housing and transfer case
  • Tractuff catch cans and water filler neck
  • AEM Infinity ECU with flex-fuel and pressure sensors
  • Drive by-wire throttle body
  • ARP wheel, head and main studs
  • NGK Iridium R7437-9 spark plugs
  • Hasport engine and drivetrain mounts
  • AEM Intake, bespoke
  • Insane shafts axles
  • KW V3 suspension
  • Action twin disc clutch, with aluminum flywheel
  • Hush performance hydro clutch conversion kit
  • Buddy Club Big brake kit, wheel lug nuts, and front upper A-arms
  • CSF Kswap Radiator with -16AN outputs
  • Spal Fan
  • ATI K series ribbed Damper
  • CRV rear trailing arms and differential
  • Bisimoto 5 lug front conversion
  • ARCE 6 point cage
  • SOS Customz interior
  • G&J lines
  • Vibrant hardware and HD clamps
  • Automotive KND quick spool rear differential
  • DriveshaftPro custom driveshaft
  • Toyo R888R tires, 205/40ZR17
  • Fifteen52 Intergrale wheels, 17×7.5
  • Dreamworks Paint job with Glasurit Marina Blue paint
  • Fox Design dash enhancements
  • AEM CD-5 Dash, embedded in factory console

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