SEMA 2016 has come and gone in a blink of an eye. If you didn’t get a chance to attend or stop by the CSF booth don’t worry, you’ll get a glimpse of our booth and what we brought to the show. Our theme for SEMA 2016 was a complete BMW Takeover (#BMWTAKEOVER). We featured a wide-body BMW M4 Endurance Racecar built by Yost Autosport and a wide-body E46 M3 Racecar with an E92 M3 swap by Pure Performance.

Let’s jump right into BMW takeover with the Yost Autosport wide-body BMW F82 M4. These gentlemen raised the bar with this build. With the 2016 N.A.S.A. 25 Hours of Thunderhill looming in the horizon, Yost Autosport retired their E92 M3 and picked up the twin-turbo V6 F82 M4. Along with the many upgrades, we were very proud to debut CSF’s BMW F8x M3/M4 Top-Mount Charge-Air Cooler, a.k.a. CSF’s “Game Changer” cooler, the “Game Over” front mount heat exchanger and a race-spec DCT cooler. You can follow Yost Autosport’s journey to the 2016 N.A.S.A. 25 Hours of Thunderhill and check out more tech specs on their F82 M4 here! Don’t forget to follow @yost_autosport.

CSF’s “world debuted” their new line of F8x m3/m4 cooling products – more information coming soon!

Pure Performance’s BMW E46 M3 captured the attention of many enthusiasts as well. Every detail stood out from the unique pin striping done by hand to it’s all inclusive roll cage. The moment we popped the hood, it drew more crowds as people drooled over the E92 swap. Many BMW guys were blown away by how clean the swap was done and stood there in awe as they inspect some of the fine details. There was no question this was the year of BMW takeover!

 Check out MotoIQ’s write up on the chassis and roll cage build. You can also follow them on Instagram.

Here we have Mike Burroughs’ FIA Group A-Inspired E28 M5 tribute. We all know Mike has a passion for BMWs.His love for the E28, as he describes in his blog, has “surpassed the point of obsession” and it really shows in this build. Getting the right partners to back you and share the same vision indeed brought this build to life. CSF was more than happy to support Mike on this build. I highly suggest reading his full write-up/history lesson on his E28 M5 tribute.

Be sure to hit the Stanceworks website, and follow Mike (@mike_stanceworks) & Stanceworks (@stanceworks) on Instagram for more content.

CA Tuned came out to SEMA in full effect ready for BMW takeover. Their BMW E30, a.k.a. #minte30 made it to the top 21 finalists of the 2016 SEMA Battle of the Builders. Igor and his team made their mark at SEMA with the Minte E30 and their bagged BMW 2002. We are glad to establish and build our relationship with Igor and his team during these builds. We are excited for what’s to come in the future.

For more from CA Tuned follow them (@catuned) and Igor (@catuned_igor) on Instagram.

Mike Essa from Essa Autosport lives a very busy life from balancing time with family, drifting, time attacks, and shows, yet still found time for the BMW takeover. At SEMA he had his BMW Z4 time attack car and his BMW E46 drift car. Just to put in perspective his busy schedule, in less than a week, he had his Z4 at SEMA packed up and prepared for the Global Time Attack – Super Lap Battle. Not to mention he just finished the 2016 Formula Drift season in October 2016. For those of you who complain never to have enough time to do the things you love, you may have to learn some time management lessons from Mike. To keep up with Mike, check out his Instagram (@michaelessa) and more updates on his website!

This BMW E92 M3 by Rolloface is a car one must see in person. Pictures just don’t do any justice. I didn’t see it until I was at SEMA, and this was one of the cars on social media that I had to check out with my own eyes. Even though the wide-body trend is beyond its peak, this particular GT3 kit made by Rolloface is incredibly beautiful yet fully functional with years of track experience. 

On to the infamous RocketBunny Boss S14 with a BMW N54 swap. We recently had this one displayed at our booth at the JCCS show, but it came to SEMA 2016 with a new Datsun BRE style livery that appealed to many enthusiasts at the show. The guys over there at LTMW and Gearheinz did a magnificent job on this build. Truly one of a kind. This Boss S14 gets the buzz going among BMW, JDM, and general gear heads. All the custom fabrication from the roll cage to getting the N54 sitting pretty in the S14 stands out, and all you can do is appreciate the work put into this build. One other unique feature about this ride is CSF’s “Boss Cooler” premium oil cooler. It has been a year since Rob Ferguson approached CSF about the oil cooler concept, now it’s made it’s 2016 SEMA debut.

You can check out LTMW on Instagram (@ltmw).

The SEMA 2016 BMW Takeover has come to an end, but for CSF, it has only just begun. Look forward to more BMW content shortly. Also, there was so much material to cover for SEMA 2016. This portion is just part of our BMW Takeover. There will be more SEMA 2016 coverage to come. Please stay tuned.

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