Introducing the BOSS cooler! The premium oil cooler has been reinvented by CSF, and is now available in limited quantities through CSF’s distribution & dealer network worldwide.

We were originally approached about this oil cooler concept about 1 year ago before SEMA 2015 by Robb Ferguson, owner of the mustard yellow RocketBunny “BOSS” S14 you see in these pictures. The conversation we had with Robb was that there was a “very limited range of options for a high performance external mounted oil cooler besides old junky RX-7 oil coolers.” With the new Rocket Bunny kit coming out for the S14 / 240SX, he wanted to not only have something more modern, sleek, and durable than the current options on the market, but also convinced us at CSF that there was a market for the BOSS cooler if we were to put them into production.

The prototype cooler had inlet/outlet on different sides.

With our development calendar full, our factories nearing capacity, plus a couple of design revisions that slowed things down a little bit, it sure did take a while to get these made, but we’re very happy about how they turned out. We’re very excited to offer our new BOSS cooler to the high performance and resto-mod market! A new high performance oil cooler that can be used both internally as well as externally on any vehicle with it’s universal design configuration.

One of the biggest changes we made for the final production was to put both the inlet/outlet -10 AN male fitting on the same side for a cleaner look and better efficiency when running the oil lines to the cooler.

We decided to finish off the design in a special thermal rejection semi-gloss / matte-black powder coating paint process. We then topped it off with our throw-back logo to complete the old school vibe for users choosing to mount externally.

High performance bar/plate core for maximum durability and resistance against road debris when mounting externally.

Dimensions of the BOSS Cooler

Core: 441mm length x 120mm height x 55mm width (inches: 17.36’ length x 4.72’ height x 2.17’ width)

Tank – to – tank: 520mm length x 120mm height x 55 mm width (inches: 20.48’ length x 4.72’ height x 2.17’ width)

Overall (including fittings + mounting bosses): 547mm length x 136mm height x 76mm width (inches: 21.5’ length x 5.35’ height x 3.00’ width)

Make sure to check out @Goodshow_aa on Instagram to check out the build and progress of Rob’s car.

We just installed a production cooler on another Rocket Bunny S14. This one built by our friends from LTMW.

Check out @LTMW on IG to see more of this build.

More Info to Keep You COOL

Check out Rob’s full feature on SuperStreet!

Make sure to be on the lookout for the full feature on Steve’s car dropping later this year as well. We’ll also be bringing Steve’s N54 turbocharged swapped BOSS to SEMA 2016 as a featured car of CSF. For now, check out this awesome video on the car (pre-oil cooler install).

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    It would open applications to Porsche / VW air cooled market if only the ports were AN-12. If the ports were M22 female there are a wide variety of adapters that could be used. Are they fixed at -10AN??