CSFs 300HP NA RSX: Part 1

Giving New Life to the Daily

Written by Ravi Dolwani, Owner of CSF Race

It was Spring 2019, and I was on my way to work, dodging cars through traffic on the infamous 91 freeway in Southern California. This was pre-COVID-19, so there were tons of semi trucks and commuters clogging up all six lanes of Calfornia concrete. On my usual +/- 1 hour drive to and from work, the light bulb went off my headโ€ฆ

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The TOPCAR Porsche 911 Stinger GTR – COOLED by CSF

Not Your Average Turbo S

What is a TOPCAR Stinger GTR? …Basically, you take a standard Porsche 991 Turbo S and turn the volume up to 11.

This build features TOPCARโ€™s Stinger GTR 18-piece body kit including custom front and rear bumpers, fenders, a custom diffuser and a ton of carbon fiber pieces. Painted in a BMW Frozen Grey color with yellow accents, both the interior and exterior have just the right amount of stealth and sport. This is a uniquely customized 991 Turbo S, created specifically for TOPCAR’s customer, Felix Ferro.ย 

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Recently, it seems itโ€™s hard to find true enthusiasts in the car scene โ€“  someone that not only enjoys experiencing building a car and whatโ€™s left of the Southern California scene, but someone that truly can call it their passion and want to share that passion with others… Steve Samuel (@soofy619) is an exception to this.

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The Type R TC: The Race-Ready Version of the Civic Type R

Cooled by CSF, Straight from the Factory

Big news flooded the car scene back in 2017. For Honda fans, it was huge. The United States was getting its first ever Honda Civic Type R.

For decades, die-hard Honda fans have been importing Type R vehicles, parts, and other components. The companyโ€™s high-performance roots are unlike any other, and have been survived by a group of true โ€œgrassrootsโ€ enthusiasts since the Integra Type R โ€“ until the return of the NSX and release of the CTR.

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In The News: CSF’s F10 M5

The 630hp Daily Driver That Means Business

Anyone that has truly experienced one, knows M cars are a class of their own. Sure, they sit within that popular luxury-performance segment alongside the -V lineup, AMGs, and more โ€“ but, unlike many others, they still sort of have that raw feeling when youโ€™re behind the wheel that makes them so much more fun to drive than their plush counterparts.

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In The News: CSFโ€™s 991 Turbo S

The 986whp Build That Dominates the 1/2 Mile

We donโ€™t want to be another company that just rocks products on the best looking vehicles โ€“ we want to show what our products are truly capable of, and why we make them.

Hence our project cars. Plus, who doesnโ€™t like building badass cars and going fast?

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SpeedHunters x CSF โ€“ Old & Cool with a BMW E30

Just Because Youโ€™re Old, Doesnโ€™t Mean You Canโ€™t Be COOL

The BMW E30 was your typical entry-level luxury car that started off with a two-door sedan style body. BMW eventually evolved the E30 into four door sedan models, convertibles and estate (โ€œWagonโ€) models in its later years. The E30 was the first 3 series to offer not only the estate and sedan body styles, but the first 3 series to offer a diesel engine and all-wheel drive models with the 325iX. The BMW Z1 roadster was also based on the E30 platform. Letโ€™s not forget that the FIRST BMW M3 was built on the E30 platform (you can check out the world famous BMW E30 M3 with an S55 swap cooled by CSF here).

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CSF Wins Best Euro at Wekfest 2019

The classic BMW trumps modern

Wekfest is one of southern Californiaโ€™s most premier import car shows. This is CSFโ€™s last show of the year as we focus on pushing for the end of summer in our busiest time of year and preparing for the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The 2019 Wekfest show was held on August 4th at the LA Convention Center. Bringing enthusiasts from all over California to compete against some of the best builds in the industry to take home the iconic trophy and bragging rights.

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CSF x Spocom 2019

CSF COOLS the best in SHOW BIZ

Summer is in full effect and not only is it the busiest time of the year for us here at CSF, but itโ€™s the peak of the car show season. From the cars and coffee weekly meetups and the countless car shows taking place in the summer heat, itโ€™s finally good to be indoors with the AC on blast. Spocom 2019 was a huge success, CSF brought the RUF 996 RTurbo Porsche and the S55 swapped BMW E30 to stage at our booth, both cars rolling in with the radiator fans blasting after just finishing a shoot with Matt Farah’s Smoking Tire, One-Take, check out the video HERE. This yearโ€™s show took place in a larger section at the Anaheim Convention Center compared to the previous years. I would think the spacing would be a bit more spread out due to the space, but I was wrong. They took advantage of the extra space and filled every nook and cranny.ย 

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