CSF is pleased to announce that SEMA Data has given CSF Cooling – Racing & High Performance Division the product data scorecard grade of Platinum. This is the highest status rating for SEMA’s PIES and ACES product data for manufacturers.

SEMA Data Platinum Rating
SEMA Data Excellence List

CSF is a  ISO 9001:2015 certified Tier 1 OEM cooling system manufacturer dedicated to providing the best possible service to its dealers, distributors, and end users. Product Data is just one of the many ways we put our customers first. CSF is a leader in the cooling system industry on many fronts. New technologies and manufacturing processes keep CSF the cutting edge of heat transfer innovation. CSF is also the only cooling systems manufacturer to make the SEMA Data Excellence List and achieve a platinum rating.

Dealer feedback on our data has been extremely positive. We have seen an increase in customer satisfaction, fewer product returns, and increased sales.

ACES and PIES – how it helps Everyone

The automotive industry uses ACES and PIES as an exclusive standardized data format. These data standards work together to manage and exchange part number and fitment data. PIES files not only include product attributes, but also includes data like brand ID, prices, dimensions, weights, kits, digital assets, marketing content, UPC codes, hazardous material information and country of origin. An ACES file defines which vehicle, which vehicle attributes, and which position on the vehicle the part fits. Therefore “fitment” can cover vehicle make, model, year, submodel, engine, transmission, truck bed length, and so on.

Clean and Accurate Data is incredibly helpful to dealers and distributors. Proper fitment data means customers know they are getting the correct part(s) that will fit their vehicle. Detailed product information is equally important. Most customers highly value comprehensive information about the products they are purchasing. By and large ACES and PIES data results in a better shopping experience, higher customer satisfaction, and fewer product returns.

How to Start using SEMA Data

Dealers who are not already using SEMA to manage their product listings can easily sign up for the program. A SEMA membership is a great investment in your business and the industry as a whole. Visit the SEMA Data website today to get started and take advantage of our top tier data: https://www.semadata.org/

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