We’re getting back into the swing of things here at the office – the month or so leading up to, and after the SEMA Show always are hectic. This year’s show required even more prep than usual, though, as we were building our Porsche 911 to debut in Vegas.

The CSF 911

The project started in the first week of January and wrapped up right on time, 11 months later, just a few days before the show. The entire build was documented and is available to watch on our Youtube channel. The finished result got great response from show-goers, and made it to the Top 12 in SEMA’s Battle of the Builders. You can find information on the car and some articles about it here.

Notable New Products

This wasn’t the only “debut” we brought along to SEMA. We also brought along a slew of new products – the most recent and notable being two new oil coolers (like the one used on the CSF 911), and our BMW B58/Toyota Supra Charge Cooler Manifold with a new nitrous hardline kit.

The oil coolers utilize the same technology as our existing universal oil cooler lineup, but are made in new sizes to directly fit into 1973 Porsche RSR style front bumpers. These will be available to the public very soon – in both a single and dual-pass configuration.

The Charge Cooler Manifold, on the other hand, we released earlier this year. It quickly became one of our top sellers, and can now be found on the world’s fastest and highest horsepower Toyota Supras. Its development all started back in 2020 after TX2K, where we discovered the immense need for a high-quality and heavy-duty upgrade – especially for those running nitrous. So, we’ve now partnered up with industry-leader, Nitrous Express, to create a complete nitrous hardline kit specifically for the CSF B58 Manifold – the package will be available soon for purchase through Nitrous Express.

Cooling SEMA

With last year’s show cancelled, the innovation in the industry seemed to be more evident this year. Outside of the CSF Cooling booth, we hunted down some of the newest and most innovative builds CSF had the pleasure of being a part of.

Electric GT’s Porsche 911

This restomod Porsche RSR build was transformed into an electric-powered, 435-horsepower EV with a 160-mile range by Electric GT. The new electric motor features two CSF Heat Exchangers mounted in the rear of the vehicle for both battery and inverter cooling.

CSF Cooled Supras

Four Mk5 Supras COOLED by CSF – the widebody show car (@maxspeedmkv), Ryan Tuerck’s JUDD V10-powered “Formula Supra,” Jerel’s time-attack build (@supramk5), and Auto Fashion’s shop car.

All with the B58 engine feature products from our A90/A91 Supra Cooling packages, with the new Charge-Air Cooler Manifold in custom powdercoating. Ryan Tuerek’s car required some custom cooling solutions, so he went with two custom radiators that we had helped create.

New G82 M4 Partnerships

Although we haven’t released any G80/G82 products yet, we have partnered up with a few people that we will be working with on the final stages of development and testing. The CSF x Art of Attack G82 build started a while back – the partnership was created with a goal of building the fastest G82 time attack car in the United States.

Stay tuned for the release of our G8X cooling solutions soon!

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