If you’re a car enthusiast, your ideal weekend probably involves a nice drive. When taking advantage of a week of PTO, the average person may choose a tropical vacation or a new country to explore – a car enthusiast, though, would probably opt for days of some of the best driving roads in their favorite car.

We’ve personally never planned an all-out road trip, but if we were, it would look something like this:

Our friends over at Pit+Paddock did this leg work – they found the hot spots for car enthusiasts – the best coffee shops/food stops, the best car washes, the best photo ops, and of course, the best drives. Then, they invited some of the top industry influencers and company representatives to join in on the one-of-a-kind road trip, dubbed “The Drivers Project.”

Kicking Off The One-Of-A-Kind Road Trip

You may have heard us talk about The Drivers Project before, as we actually joined in on the inaugural event last year – that one took place here by CSF HQ, in Southern California. The 1,200 miles we put down, took us up North to Laguna Seca and landed us at SpeedVegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pit+Pad team knew they had to take the next experience to the opposite coast – and CSF happily agreed… we were on board.

It started with a phone call in which we coordinated shipping our vehicle of choice to Turn 14 Distribution‘s headquarters in Horsham, Pennsylvania. The Director of CSF Race, Ravi Dolwani, opted to pilot his 996 RTurbo, with our new General Manager, Alan Wei, sitting passenger. Turns out, our Porsche was one of six cars transported from California (taking up about half of the 13 total cars on the roster).

Some of the cars and people at The Drivers Project II:

Day 1: The Local Roads + Pocono Raceway

After getting to know the other attendees and their builds, we departed from Turn 14 Distribution’s HQ and headed to Reading. The first leg of the drive included roads used by the SCCA for multiple hill climb events – at the top of the mountain was the Reading Pagoda.

From there, the group headed 70 miles north to Pocono Raceway, which was rented out specifically for The Drivers Project.

The overall idea is that participating vehicles should be able to withstand the demands of a road trip, as well as be able to handle a few sessions of spirited laps on a road course. After all, we’re not just out there on the road just to look pretty.

Sam Du, Pit+Paddock Editor-in-Chief

Pocono is a historical and current NASCAR track, but its not your average oval configuration – it’s known for its “Tricky Triangle,” which is partially utilized on the 1.5-mile long North Course we ran on. The cars put the new Falken Azenis RT-600 tire to the test, plus driving instructor Ross Bentley, was on-site for personal coaching and driving tips.

All of the drivers got 20-30+ laps in and, in high humidity and 85°F heat, had zero cooling issues. #COOLEDbyCSF

At the end of the day, we gathered for some epic group photos and made our way to the Raddisson Lackawanna Station hotel in Scranton, PA.

Day 2: Chill Drives + Good Eats

Compared to the last iteration of The Drivers Project, this time around, there was a much more manageable amount of seat time – which meant more time spent getting to know eachother and experiencing the local spots.

Day two consisted of a 195-mile stint from Scranton, PA, to New York City with three exciting pit stops on the way.

The first stop was one of the East Coast’s best hidden gems: The Hawk’s Nest.

Situated on the Pennsylvania-New York border, The Hawk’s Nest is a perfectly paved, twisty, and technical stretch of road that runs alongside the Delaware River. 

About 30 miles out of Manhattan, we stopped at a local car enthusiast hot spot, Sunday Motor Co. Cafe. Being a repurposed Mobil gas station and repair shop the Porsche-themed coffee shop was an easy choice for good food and coffee along the route.

Day two ended in New York City. To avoid the stresses of parking in the bustling city, Pit+Pad arranged an overnight visit to Hydros Auto Spa for all the cars. While we went out and enjoyed a private dinner, the cars got freshened up for the trip back to Turn 14 Distribution in the morning.

Day 3: Ending The Trip at Turn 14 Distribution’s Car Meet

As expected, The Drivers Project II ended with a bang. More than a thousand people gathered at T14’s PA warehouse for their popular local car meet – where attendees checked out our products alongside the cars that had just returned from the rally, and we reflected on the incredible past couple of days.

With the great people, awesome cars, and great places visited – we can truly say this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Major shoutouts to CSF distributor, Turn 14 Distribution, and Pit+Paddock.

Let’s just say we’re beginning to love the East Coast, and we can’t wait for our next trip.


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