If you’re a car enthusiast, your ideal weekend probably involves a nice drive. When taking advantage of a week of PTO, the average person may choose a tropical vacation or a new country to explore – a car enthusiast, though, would probably opt for days of some of the best driving roads in their favorite car.

We’ve personally never planned an all-out road trip, but if we were, it would look something like this:

Our friends over at Pit+Paddock did this leg work – they found the hot spots for car enthusiasts – the best coffee shops/food stops, the best car washes, the best photo ops, and of course, the best drives. Then, they invited some of the top industry influencers and company representatives to join in on the one-of-a-kind road trip, dubbed “The Drivers Project.”

Kicking Off The One-Of-A-Kind Road Trip

You may have heard us talk about The Drivers Project before, as we actually joined in on the inaugural event last year – that one took place here by CSF HQ, in Southern California. The 1,200 miles we put down, took us up North to Laguna Seca and landed us at SpeedVegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pit+Pad team knew they had to take the next experience to the opposite coast – and CSF happily agreed… we were on board.

It started with a phone call in which we coordinated shipping our vehicle of choice to Turn 14 Distribution‘s headquarters in Horsham, Pennsylvania. The Director of CSF Race, Ravi Dolwani, opted to pilot his 996 RTurbo, with our new General Manager, Alan Wei, sitting passenger. Turns out, our Porsche was one of six cars transported from California (taking up about half of the 13 total cars on the roster).

Some of the cars and people at The Drivers Project II:

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