Day 2: Chill Drives + Good Eats

Compared to the last iteration of The Drivers Project, this time around, there was a much more manageable amount of seat time – which meant more time spent getting to know eachother and experiencing the local spots.

Day two consisted of a 195-mile stint from Scranton, PA, to New York City with three exciting pit stops on the way.

The first stop was one of the East Coast’s best hidden gems: The Hawk’s Nest.

Situated on the Pennsylvania-New York border, The Hawk’s Nest is a perfectly paved, twisty, and technical stretch of road that runs alongside the Delaware River. 

About 30 miles out of Manhattan, we stopped at a local car enthusiast hot spot, Sunday Motor Co. Cafe. Being a repurposed Mobil gas station and repair shop the Porsche-themed coffee shop was an easy choice for good food and coffee along the route.

Day two ended in New York City. To avoid the stresses of parking in the bustling city, Pit+Pad arranged an overnight visit to Hydros Auto Spa for all the cars. While we went out and enjoyed a private dinner, the cars got freshened up for the trip back to Turn 14 Distribution in the morning.

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