It’s that time of year again! We know it’s been an unusual year, so we’ve decided to give our customers deals on some of our most popular cooling products this year!

$500 off MSRP

BMW F1X M5/M6 Twin Charge-Air Cooler Set

  • CSF #8109/8109R
  • $1995 USD $2495

$300 off MSRP

BMW F8X Top Mount Charge-Air Cooler

  • CSF #8082/8082R
  • $1695 USD $1995

$100 off MSRP

BMW F-Series N55 Bar & Plate Intercooler

  • CSF #8115/8115B
  • $499 USD $599

BMW E-Series N54/N55 Bar/Plate Intercooler

  • CSF #8127/8127B
  • $429 USD $529

BMW F8X Front Mount Heat Exchanger

  • CSF #8075
  • $599 USD $699
10% OFF MSRP – All Other CSF Racing & High-Performance Products

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