CSF In 1947

CSF History: Four Generations of Cooling the World

A Retrospective by SPEEDHUNTERS

Four generations and 65 years of CSF history has been captured by Speedhunters. Check out the photos dating all the way back to the humble beginnings of a garage in 1947 to the global automotive powerhouse that CSF is today. With customers around the world, CSF now manufactures radiators, intercoolers, condensers, oil coolers and other cooling systems. Dive into our story.

The true start of it all came in 1947 in Bombay, India and this picture captures it perfectly. A bunch of dudes who could swing wrenches opened shop changing tires and doing basic repairs. Ravi runs the CSF Racing and High Performance division today, and that’s his great-grandfather on the left along with three of his brothers and the rest of the employees on the right. As part of their repairs these guys started fixing copper/brass radiators, and before long became the local experts. They were the go-to shop for radiator repairs, which naturally built on itself until they started manufacturing them.

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CSF History: Cooling Mike Essa
Our rich history stretches to the current day. CSF cools reigning Formula D champion, Michael Essa, in 2014. We’re still setting records and can’t be slowed down!

More CSF History

If you have a taste for the story of CSF and want to learn more, you can check out our company information portion of our site at The CSF Story. Having the CSF history in our family is only the basis for our success. We apply generations of knowledge to solve all your cooling issues and keep you on the road or track and setting records. With premium parts, unrivalled knowledge, and a bloodline that pumps oil CSF is the one true choice for what you need to stay cool.


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