Turn 14 Distribution is the industry leader in performance parts distribution in the United States. They have awarded CSF Race with their Collaborative Supplier Award for 2022!

Collaborative Supplier Award

The Collaborative Supplier Award is presented to Turn 14’s most collaborative supplier over the past year. This award is influenced by growth, depth of collaboration, support, and relationship strength. CSF achieved the 2022 Collaborative Supplier Award for its mutual support to capitalize on market opportunities, dedication to invest in new resources for product development, and rapidly addressing changes to improve championing the brand to Turn 14 customers.

CSF Inc. has an extremely knowledgeable and supportive staff ready to answer our questions and provide helpful service to all our teams. The company’s participation in our sales and marketing programs shows its dedication to helping the brand grow and being a valuable partner to Turn 14 Distribution. CSF Inc.’s consistent new product development combined with ideal collaboration led to record-breaking sales growth in 2022. We truly appreciate our relationship with CSF Inc. and look forward to future collaborations,

Mike Malloy, Director of Purchasing – Turn 14 Distribution

On behalf of the entire team at CSF, I’m very honored and humbled be granted this award. It’s been a great journey and experience thus far working with the amazing team at Turn 14 Distribution.
This award really validates all of the effort CSF has been putting forth in growing a unique relationship and long-term partnership with Turn 14 over the past four years. Turn 14 has not only become our #1 customer globally, but in all sincerity, our favorite customer to do business with. This award really is appreciated and further strengthens our bond together.

Ravi Dolwani, OWNER – CSF Race

Looking back on 2022

2022 was a very busy year for CSF in terms of event participation, build collaborations/involvement, and product development. Here are events, builds, and products CSF worked on with Turn 14 that helped us achieve this great honor.

King of the Hammers

King of the Hammers is the ultimate festival for all things all-terrain, whether you’re into high-speed desert racing, technical rock crawling, ATVs, UTVs, trophy trucks, etc. The event is more than just a race but a nine-day festival that encompasses the entire culture around off-roading. Even with COVID-19 travel and safety restrictions, attendance wasn’t just double last year’s 10,000 but said to be close to 60,000 spectators. In addition, approximately 500,000 tuned in on livestream, making the King of the Hammers the king of all off-road events.

Turn 14 Distribution pulled out all the stops with a massive rig and campground setup to host its industry partners including CSF, Titan 7, Alcon, K&N, and Hawk Performance.

CSF TRD – Lime Rush 4Runner TRD Pro Project Build

After King of the Hammers, Turn 14 & Pit+Paddock approached CSF about collaborating on an off-road build to promote a variety of industry partners. This project would debut at Pit+Paddock’s first Overland Edition of their Cars+Coffee which would be hosted at CSF Headquarters. In 6 weeks the CSF TRD went from a stock 4Runner to a fully built off-road machine. You can read about the full build here: The CSF TRD 4RUNNER: CSF goes OFF-ROAD!

Overall, this was a great experience. It was nothing short of a treat to work with the team at Pit+Paddock. They really helped bring this build to life in such a short time. The feedback, advice, and recommendations received from the team at Turn14 was nothing short of amazing.

Cars+Coffee: Overland Edition

In February of 2022, CSF was approached by Turn 14 & Pit+Paddock to see if we’d be interested in hosting one of their Cars+Coffee events at our headquarters. This event was to be the culmination of the collaborative off-road build for CSF TRD. We honestly didn’t know what to expect as this was the first Overland Event either organization had hosted.

The show ended up being a huge success. With the support of prominent players in the community like RIG.TALKPure 4×4, and Yotamafia, we filled up the entire venue and overflow parking with well over 200 off-road rigs. Our partners at K&N, Hawk Performance, Titan 7, WESTiN, and Seibon also did their part as well. Each bringing their own trucks and SUVs as well as booths to really round out the event.

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami

To celebrate F1’s 76-year history, the team at Pit+Paddock and partners CSF, ARP, Competition Clutch, and Supertech hosted members of the aftermarket industry for an unforgettable weekend experience. The experience included three days of spectating and a full Miami lifestyle. The itinerary included a local dining tour, a Cars+Coffee-style visit to RMC Miami, and several nights out in South Beach’s top lounges and clubs.

Fastest EV of 2022 Pikes Peak Hillclimb

The Turn 14 x Evasive Motorsports’ 2018 Tesla Model 3 took 2nd in class (Exhibition) and 9th overall. The Model 3 finished with a time of 11:06.205 driven by the world-renowned Dai Yoshihara. The team was also able to set a new EV record despite the poor conditions. CSF worked closely with the team at Evasive to address the cooling issues of the Model 3 during development and the results speak for themselves.

991.2 Porsche Turbo S Power Mods

In July of 2022, Turn 14 teamed up with R/T Tuning to modify a 2018 Porsche Turbo S. While the car from factory produces an impressive 580hp, they wanted to show quickly those numbers can be pumped up. With CSF supplied Intercoolers (CSF #8112) and COBB V3 Tuning, this Porsche Project is well on it’s way to being an absolute monster.

SEMA-bound 2023 Acura Integra build

The Turn 14 Distribution Integra took cues from the 1990s JTCC race cars. Featuring an ultra-low stance, low-hanging front splitter, white BBS wheels, and Yokohama racing slicks. Mod list highlights include StopTech big brakes, Whiteline arms, RS-R coilovers, EVS Tuning aero, Sparco interior, AEM dash, and the PRI Intercooler made with a CSF Intercooler Core. CSF worked closely with PRI to expedite the production of these cores for SEMA.

Turn 14 BMW CCA Dream Car – M8 Competition

This ultimate one-of-one M8 Competition Build by Turn 14 for BMW CCA’s Dream Car Raffle is perfection. Designed by JONSIBAL, the car featured parts from the most prestigious companies in the industry. Naturally that means cooling from CSF with our High-Performance Charge Coolers (CSF #8178).

Looking forward

Overall, 2022 was an amazing year and 2023 is looking just as exciting. CSF will continue to further our relationship with Turn 14 and looks forward to more collaborations.

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