One of the main objectives of CSF’s Racing & High-Performance Division is to work with the best companies in the high-performance aftermarket. We’ve had plenty of great experiences and success working with some of the top tuners and performance companies in North America on collaborations and private label projects. Recently CSF has come to an agreement to partner up with premiere silicon hose company, HPS Performance Hoses.

One of the biggest questions our respective companies are asked is where can we get a good hose kit or radiator to go along with the complementing product. Our partnership is an evolution of the performance aftermarket now recognizing which aftermarket companies are considered “legit” and represent the same values and quality as their own.

HPS Hoses Meets CSF

CSF trust HPS performance silicone hoses to go along with all of our industry-leading cooling systems.

CSF plans to work with HPS closely on exclusive collaborations and application-specific projects. Stay tuned for more updates from CSF!

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