While there is no shortage of BMW events in North America, there are few that one might classify as “elite”. So when the M Chapter of BMW CCA and CSF got together to plan an event, we wanted to make it something truly special. A “Select” event where each show car is hand picked and placed. The goal was to create a unique experience for both participants and attendees.

With over 250 applicants and only 100 show spots, competition was fierce. In the end, we managed to squeeze in around 140 vehicles (including vendor cars) to CSF Headquarters. Each build was unique and showed the variety exists in the BMW community.

The Turn Out

Being a BMW CCA event, you might have expected to see nothing but classic cars and old men hanging out. However, the variety of cars was truly remarkable. We had purpose built race cars, modern show vehicles, pristine restorations, and all original heritage vehicles throughout the show.


CSF Select M Powered by BMW 2023 – an official BMW CCA M Chapter Event
Show Car Competition (Judging and Awards) – CSF Select 2023
EPISODE 38 | CSF Select
GoPro on a Corgi: CSF Select M Powered by BMW


CSF Select: A Cool Event Showcasing Even Cooler Rides

How do you host a cool car event? Moreover, how do you host a September event in inland Southern California and make sure it’s cool? It’s a lot easier when it’s hosted by one of the leaders in cool, CSF Cooling. That made the recent CSF Select event extra chill for sure. We can take it a step further because to ensure that cool was the rule, CSF Cooling partnered with BMW CCA, led by the M Chapter for this BMW extravaganza. And even with the two entities with their fingers most on the pulse of the BMW passion leading the charge, they upped the ante and brought in leading partners from the regional landscape, too. The event was so cool it was actually hot.
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CSF Select: The Coolest M Cars In California

The folks at CSF Race host a few events throughout the year at their Southern California HQ, but when the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) came knocking at their door looking to collaborate, CSF knew they had to pull out all the stops.

The event would be a great opportunity to showcase not only CSF’s work and their facilities, but their attention to wider car culture, as it also would for BMW CCA. The result was CSF Select.
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CSF Select M Powered by BMW Photo Galleries

Photographer: @_crvn_

Roll-in & Setup

Main Event

Raffle & Awards

The free raffle was a big hit with the crowd. The participating vendors donated some awesome prizes from garage equipment to huge product vouchers worth up to $1000. The competition for the car show was equally exciting. With so many amazing BMWs, the judges had their work cut out for them.

Not all the award recipients were able to stick around for a post event photo shoot. However we did get some great pictures of a few of the 8 winners.

Looking Ahead

As CSF’s first BMW only Event, CSF Select was a huge success. The team at CSF and BMW CCA M Chapter worked extremely hard to make this event a success. We want to thank everyone who came out for the show. Event like this are not possible without the community and vendors.

Supporting Vendors

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