The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is arguably one of the most difficult races for both drivers and their vehicles. Building, Tuning, and Racing a vehicle that is meant to cover 12.42 miles with 4725 ft. of elevation change is incredibly taxing. CSF worked closely with 3 podium placing teams providing the cooling they needed for this challenge.

Race Results

Unfortunately, the day of the race (June 26th) saw dismal weather conditions. Low visibility, rain, and cold temperatures made it less than the ideal scenario for setting any records. However, our 3 partner race cars still stood out among the 72 participants.

1st in Class

E-Motion Engineering‘s 2016 Porsche GT3R took 1st in class (Pikes Peak Open) and 6th overall with a time of 10:52.664 piloted by the legendary Rhys Millen. The collaborative build took place over the past 6 months and involved some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.

RHYS MILLEN 67 | Full Run Onboard + Driver Interview | 2022 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Rhys Millen – Full Run Onboard with Exclusive Driver Interview.

Watch as Rhys Millen races to the clouds in his 2016 E-Motion Porsche GT3R TT in a time of 10:52.664 during the 100th running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo!

2nd in Class

Evasive Motorsports’ 2018 Tesla Model 3 took 2nd in class (Exhibition) and 9th overall with a time of 11:06.205 driven by the world-renowned Dai Yoshihara. The team was also able to set a new EV record despite the poor conditions. Hopefully we’ll see this battery powered beast again at Pike Peak Hill Climb setting more records.

Fastest EV of 2022 Pikes Peak Hillclimb with Dai Yoshihara in the Evasive Turn14 Tesla Model 3

2022 Running of Pikes Peak Hillclimb has some of the worst condition we’ve ever faced. There was heavy fog and rain throughout the run and in some sections visibility was down to almost zero. Sit tight and ride with Dai Yoshihara has he pilots the Evasive Motorsports / Turn14 Distribution / Yokohama Tire / Eneos Tesla Model 3 Performance up the mountain.

3rd in Class

Tim Hardy Racing’s 1987 BMW E30 took 3rd place in class (Pikes Peak Open) and 12th overall with a time of 11:09.400 with Pikes Peak Hill Climb veteran Tim Hardy at the wheel. As a matter of fact, they narrowly missed 2nd in class by a mere 0.155 seconds. Nevertheless, the team was still extremely pleased with the results given the challenging race conditions.

Pikes Peak Intl. Hill Climb 2022 Full Run / In Car Turbo DCT BMW E30 through fog and rain to the top

100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. #326 BMW E30 driven by Tim Hardy

Tim’s time of 11:09.400 on the wet and foggy track put him in 12th overall out of 71 competitors who took the green flag.

Official Results

Overall, CSF was quite pleased with the results and feedback from the teams. The cooling systems CSF helped design, build, and/or supply exceeded expectations in performance. There is always room for improvement and you can be sure the cooling experts will keep pushing the limits.

Congratulations again to all the teams and drivers at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

E-Motion ENgineering – Porsche GT3R

E-Motion Engineering specializes in Porsche Suspension Engineering and Chassis Tuning. Their expertise and experience with almost every Porsche chassis has set them apart in the industry as one of the premier tuners and race prep shops. Based in Southern California (Orange County), E-Motion is a quick drive from CSF and the owner Joey Seely has been good friends with CSF for many years.

When E-Motion first started building their 991 GT3R, they knew they were going to need some pretty serious cooling for the 1000+ HP Twin Turbo 3.8L Engine.

Cooling it down

To keep the intake temps down, E-Motion and CSF decided to run two 12x6x6 Intercooler cores (CSF #8086) with custom end tanks in an Air-Water setup. Each core is rated for up to 1500 WHP and more than capable of handling the boost from two Garret G35/1050s.

The radiator didn’t require any upgrades in this case as the factory unit is made by our strategic manufacturing partner PWR. That being said, if you are looking for a GT3R style upgrade for your 991, you’re in luck. E-Motion Engineer will be offering a full conversion package with Hood, Shrouds, Plumbing, and Radiator from CSF by PWR.

Taking a closer look

Mike Burroughs from StanceWorks was able to join E-Motion engineering at the Pikes Peak test sessions to learn more about the GT3R and everything that went into building it. His hope was to learn as much as possible about how the car was engineered and built then applying some of that knowledge to his own project (a K24-Swapped Ferrari 308). Mike is a good friend and build partner of CSF and he did a great job putting together this video and talking through everything that went in the GT3R for the race.

Pikes Peak Testing with Rhys Millen & Emotion Engineering! Field Study for the K24-Swapped Ferrari

Evasive Motorsport – Tesla Model 3

Many people don’t think of cooling systems when it comes to electric vehicles. However, there is a lot of heat produced by the battery pack and electric motors. While the systems are a little different than a traditional combustion engine, the principles of heat management are pretty much the same.

When Evasive Motorsport first started race testing their Model 3, they found that the factory cooling system just couldn’t handle much past short sprints. CSF worked closely with the team at Evasive to address these cooling issues.

Teslas can be cool

The Tesla stock cooling system was V-mounted with a large CSF Radiator. Under the radiator is another heat exchanger for the electric motor oil. Overall, this setup nearly triples the available cooling.

The rear cooling was created by mounting another CSF Radiator and Heat Exchanger in the trunk. This system is fed by custom duct work via custom scoops that replace the rear quarter windows. Read the full MotoIQ article about the Model 3’s development on their website.

Tim Hardy Racing – BMW E30

Tim Hardy and his team have been participating in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb for over a decade. Every year he improves and updates his 1987 BMW E30 and this year was no exception. Under the hood of this 35 year old chassis lies a Turbocharged 2.8L M52 inline 6 with forged internals. This motor puts out about 700 hp and 600 ft-lbs of torque. Obviously that kind of power requires quite the robust cooling system. Tim worked closely with CSF to help build the fully custom setup for all his cooling needs.

Old Bimmers are hot

This may get a little picture heavy, but it’s amazing to see the fabrication work that went into designing the whole system. Tim and his team worked long hours and late nights to bring this car to life. It is truly a work of art.

Intercooler & Radiator

For the intercooler, Tim selected the CSF #8047 Intercooler Core (22x12x3.5). Rated for up to 850 whp, this cooler is more than big enough to handle the power from the turbocharged M52. Custom mounting the cooler behind the upper grille ensured plenty of airflow over the core. Tim and his team proceeded to fabricate the end tanks and intercooler pipes.

The Radiator is a CSF #3054 customized to fit this specific E30 chassis. Mounted below the intercooler to avoid cooler stacking and maximize cooling efficiency. Custom plumbing was fabricated to make the system work in this new position.

Oil Coolers

Two CSF #8066 oil coolers were mounted just in front of the intercooler and radiator to handle cooling for the engine oil as well as the sequential DTC (Dual Clutch Transmission). The “BOSS” Cooler has been the go to oil cooler for many race teams for years and performed beautifully on Tim’s E30.

The Finished Build

The finished product was absolutely stunning. Tim and his team had high expectations to set a new personal best record at the hill climb this year but the weather had other plans. He did manage a new personal best qualifying time of 4:06 on the lower section though. Needless to say we are looking forward to next year having favorable conditions to make it happen.

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