Gearhead Tuning’s New Air-to-Air bar/plate intercooler for the Ford Taurus SHO/Flex Ecoboost.

As more automotive enthusiasts grow older, start families, and begin to need more room in their vehicle, their 2/4 door sport compact vehicles start to become less practical and more of an old memory. The Ford Taurus SHO and Flex Ecoboost have been a proper upgrade that checks all the boxes when looking to still have fun driving a full-sized sedan or small SUV while being an efficient people mover. The twin-turbo V6 in the Ecoboost cannot help but put smiles across passengers faces compared to the standard naturally aspirated V6 with almost 100 HP less. Luckily for the enthusiasts that still prefer a low center of gravity and have no use for extra space and added weight. Ford packed the same 355 hp twin-turbo motor to continue in the legacy of the Super High Output (SHO) Ford Taurus (Winning 2010 ESQUIRE’S INAUGURAL “CAR OF THE YEAR” FOR MEN TO DRIVE, EVERYDAY!) With the latest fourth-generation equipped with all-wheel drive, it brings the SHO name back like a phoenix from the ashes, on to winding roads and fun slippery surfaces.

Keeping the foot on the gas in Wide Open Throttle (WOT) doesn’t get old; what does, is having to let off because the car keeps going into limp mode from Intake Air Temperatures (IAT’s) being excessively high. The factory intercooler struggles to keep IAT’s in check, forcing drivers to hold back on reaching their vehicles ultimate performance. When additional performance and modifications increase the horsepower, it also brings additional heat and adversely effects the IAT problem, creating a bottleneck of issues. For years, custom solutions have been to hack up the vehicles front crash structure and core support to fabricate a one-off front mount intercooler to get first access to fresh air-flow. However, this brings unfavorable changes to the air-flow going through the factory cooling “stack” and reduces the effectiveness of the vehicles numerous coolers in the front of the vehicle. This is not the solution!

Ford performance specialists GearHead Tuning called the cooling experts at CSF to develop The Ultimate Performance Intercooler for The 2010 – 2019 Eco boost engines.

GearHead wanted a “Gateway” product that would allow big power on the transverse platform, without taking your vehicle to a costly custom fabricator and messing with the current cooling airflow stack. CSF came in with a “Drop-in Fit” product, left the location of the factory intercooler, and maximized the space around the factory unit. Without any hacking or cutting, the newly developed intercooler is larger, the factory tube and fin core design has been upgraded to CSF’s cross-flow high-performance bar & plate core design and left the plastic end tanks for more efficient cast aluminum end tanks. Also, the new intercooler features a drain plug allowing an easy way to purge the charged-air-cooling system of any condensation or oil vapor that may build up over time. These features combined revives a stock Ford Taurus SHO/Flex with just a tune and downpipes bringing back 40-45 hp that is normally lost on a 70-degree day due to dreaded heat soak and excessive pressure drop that is all too common with the stock part. The CSF cooling experts have done it again!


MSRP: $799.00 USD

OEM Part Number


Application Fitment: 

  • 2010-2019 Ford Taurus SHO/Flex/MKS/MKT
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    Please contact Gearhead Performance – they are the exclusive seller on this item. It has become a very popular seller so I would contact them to place your pre-order for the next shipment.

    they haven’t had one in stock for months… and I’ve asked to pre-order… was told to put my email in to be notified. there seem to be lots of us that want them but can’t get them. you make them. sell them to us PLEASE.

    Doesn’t seem like they do can’t find any for sale…. It’s been this way for long enough that a different Taurus sho seller is ramping up their aftermarket fmic piping kits for use with generic fmics that are actually available. I’d much rather spend the $ on something that bolts in the stock location and just ups the performance so please take the time to contact the exclusive seller yourself because we’ve tried.

    Just wanted to give you a quick update. Gearhead recently ordered a new batch of these intercoolers and they are in transit. They should be available from them again within in week.

    Hi Mark. I spoke with GearHead on 12/23/22 and they said they ordered a batch “a few months ago” and that they “hope to get them in late February or early March”. Can you give us a better prediction on when these will be shipped to GearHead? Thanks.

    Hello Brad,

    Unfortunately we cannot offer a more precise timeline on these. They are in production but there are so many factors that can cause delays that we cannot give a better answer than the one you received from GearHead.