The 2nd annual CSF x Players Show 2018 was a huge success! The turnout was terrific and the quality of cars that showed up was top notch.  Because SEMA is an industry-only show, the general public is not allowed to attend. When we were planning on the dates for our inaugural show, we had the idea of it taking place after SEMA so that this event can be the public debut of some of SEMA’s top builds. Southern California is dubbed as the mecca of the automotive industry so several builds are local to us and many are friends of ours in the industry. It was a great way to spend a Sunday with friends, family, good food and to top it off admission is FREE!

The diversity of cars and trucks gave something to see for everyone from JDM, domestics, euros, and exotics. We even had our friends from our neighboring CHP come out to support us as well. They also were generous enough to participate in a unique opportunity for a photo shoot. You can find that SpeedHunters story here featuring our good friend Marc’s (@pterodactyltactics) Twin Turbo Lamborghini Super Trofeo Huracan 1000-2.

Here’s a couple of shots from that photoshoot with the CHP, glad there were no tickets issued.

Now back to the show Touching on the diversity of cars that attended, our friends from AutoFashion brought their VIP touch to the event. They also provided the music as well so a HUGE shout out for all their help!!

AutoFashion offered a full VIP treatment for the show

Calling all CSF cars!! Here’s a glimpse of our growing collection of project cars. Currently, we have CSF Blue Dream 996 TT outfitted with our 3-piece all-aluminum radiator cooling system. The #CSFM5 features our F1X M5/M6 Twin Charge-Air-Cooler set. See SpeedHunter’s coverage on the M5 here. Last, but not least, the CSF Evo X. Check out our “rEVOlutionary Build” featured on Hoonigan’s Build Biology Series. Stay tuned for more CSF projects in 2019.

Here’s Sergio’s (@that_red_evoix) Evo IX. His Evo is one of CSF Evo X’s partner in crime. Both Evo’s went side by side at a few shows in 2018 and took home some hardware at Wekfest LA. He’s got a custom turbo kit by Sheepey Race that uses our intercooler cores and also rockin’ a CSF Ultimate Half-Rad (CSF #2858X). We’ll do a feature on his car as well shortly.

Alan (@m2sauce) came correct with his BMW F87 M2 cooled by CSF’s Ultimate Cooling package which includes a triple-pass radiator (CSF #7078), high performance intercooler that comes in silver or black (CSF #8115/#8115B), race-spec dual-pass DCT cooler (CSF #8103) and race-spec oil cooler (CSF #8104).

Just few Icons livin’…these are some iconic SEMA builds that came out to support our show. Sheepey Race brought their twin-turbo Ferrari 458 Spyder that was in our booth for SEMA. Mitch Button’s wide-body Ferrari 328 GTS always had a crowd around it. Bisimoto brought out his twin-turbo 850hp IROC Porsche.

Here are just a few extra goodies from the show.


If you missed out again, be sure to attend this year’s event. Be on the lookout for the event dates. Till next time — Stay COOL!

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