Summer is in full effect and not only is it the busiest time of the year for us here at CSF, but it’s the peak of the car show season. From the cars and coffee weekly meetups and the countless car shows taking place in the summer heat, it’s finally good to be indoors with the AC on blast.

Spocom 2019 was a huge success, CSF brought the RUF 996 RTurbo Porsche and the S55 swapped BMW E30 to stage at our booth, both cars rolling in with the radiator fans blasting after just finishing a shoot with Matt Farah’s Smoking Tire, One-Take, check out the video below!

This year’s show took place in a larger section at the Anaheim Convention Center compared to the previous years. I would think the spacing would be a bit more spread out due to space, but I was wrong. They took advantage of the extra space and filled every nook and cranny. 

What makes The Spocom Show unique is the relationship they have with Launch Distribution. Launch Distribution is a local wholesale distributor for CSF and they utilize The Spocom Show by inviting their customers who sell their product lines to the show and personally introduces them to the manufacturers. This is a very nice touch for them to do as it puts a face to their customers and vice versa. It also provides the opportunity to see our products on display. 

This year’s show had a large variety of cars on display. The off-road/overlanding market seemed to make it’s presence this year as there were more trucks and SUV’s. RPM Off-Road Garage brought out their squad of Land Cruisers, Tacoma’s, Tundra’s and 4Runners with some fitted with full-on roof top tents and awnings which they used one as their booth display.

CSF has been a household name when it comes to the off-road / overlanding market as we are one of the only manufacturers that still make copper/brass radiators for the older FJ’s along with some of the modern all aluminum high performance radiators for Toyota Tacoma’s, FJ Cruiser’s and Tundra’s. Let’s not leave out the heavy-duty radiator offerings for the JEEP’s as CSF has one of the largest selection of radiators for the JK’s and XJ’s. 

Here are some COOL whips COOLED by CSF

@RK Titanium decided to bring their truly one of a kind Evo to the show with CSF’s 2858X Evo 7/8/9 half rad. Winning best of show to no surprise, every inch of the car has been gone through and upgraded in the utmost fashion.

@Devn_de_los_angeles parked with the @LTMW amoeba, equipped with our BMW N55 High-Performance Stepped Bar/Plate Intercooler (CSF #8115/8115B) and the last time we saw Devn at Bimmerfest 2019 he took home 2nd place for best overall modified.
@pterodactyltactics Super Trofeo Twin Turbo Huracan took home the trophy for Best Exterior. Utilizing CSF intercooler cores for his charge-air-coolers built by Sheepey Race.
Prestige Marketing had this supercharged BMW E92 M3 racecar with an aggressive and contrasting livery. Running our Ultimate Cooling Solution for the E9X M3.
@Bisimito brought out their classic Honda CRX, sitting under the AEM booth and utilizing CSF’s K swap radiator.
@M.Jercan from MFR Engineering came out with an all-white refresh track-ready BMW F80 cooled by the Ultimate Cooling Solution for the F8X M3/M4.

These two hatch’s drove (not trailered) from Texas to join this years SPOCOM, both running CSF’s tuck radiator. Thankfully one of them got to go home with the famous SPOCOM trophy in the passenger seat.

@carbon_STI ‘s fully done Varis kitted STI is utilizing CSF “O” line of Subaru Radiators with the built-in oil cooler CSF#7042O took home the award for 2nd place Best Subaru.
@TheCaymanGang took home Best Engineering of the show with his 987 Porsche Cayman utilizing the CSF 3-pc radiator kit.

Here are some other cars spotted from SPOCOM 2019 also keeping cool by CSF.

Spocom 2019 is in the books and we’re already looking forward to next year’s show. Big shout out to the Spocom crew for a successful show and making it very easy for vendors to set up and tear down. We appreciate the hospitality!

Till the next show…stay COOL!

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