Triple-Pass Ultra PERFORMANCE 32mm Radiator

Mazda NC MX5 Miata

CSF has partnered with Good-Win Racing to bring you the ultra performance radiator for the NC MX5.

High-demand cars such as turbocharged, supercharged, and racing applications need maximum cooling ability. For many years the next-step beyond the standard aluminum radiator upgrade was to move on to a custom multi-pass racing radiator. Those radiators packed massive cooling ability, but also come with massive price tags and are not direct-fit; required custom brackets, didn’t fit with factory fans, and so on.

This Triple-Pass radiator is the first of its kind; a cross-flow, triple-pass configuration using racing radiator technology throughout that still drops in without any other modifications, and doesn’t have the price tag that comes with “custom”. Fits with the factory brackets, fans, and hoses. For higher performance check out the Triple-Pass MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE 42mm Radiator.

Good-Win Racing #61-1845
MSRP/MAP – See the Good-Win Racing Site for Pricing

  • 2006-2015 Mazda NC MX5 Miata

CSF X Good-Win Racing

Good-Win Racing and CSF both take a great amount of pride in the part we design/manufacture. Good-Win only sells parts that they race themselves. They then share their extensive knowledge and experience with their customers.

When our competition goes home for the weekend, we go racing and driving. Using the parts we sell, under both street performance and race conditions, gives us a unique experience on what works, and what doesn’t.

Interested in Private Label or Custom Parts?

Over the past 65+ years, CSF’s five manufacturing facilities have produced countless custom cooling systems. A tier-1 ISO-certified cooling system supplier with the ability to manufacture private label and co-branded cooling systems. Custom sizing/configurations, materials, finishes, and branding options are available. CSF takes its custom cooling program one step further than any company in N. America with the ability to stock your custom cooling products in one of our coastal warehouses (California or Virginia) and release over the period on a blanket purchase order.

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