The Ultimate C7 Corvette Cooling Solution

CSF High-Performance Radiator & Dedicated Motorsports Heat Exchanger

Our favorite thing to do here is to help those with cooling issues. It sounds simple, but itโ€™s a bit deeper than that. A lot of times, theyโ€™re ongoing for those with heavily modified vehicles, so when we can provide a product to overcome it, customers are super appreciative โ€“ less time sitting in the pits (or on the side of the road) and more time enjoying what theyโ€™ve built.

Though theyโ€™ve undergone extensive R&D, sometimes vehicles fresh from the factory can have the same issues โ€“ like the C7 Corvette, for example. Corvettes have long been known for their cooling shortcomings and, seeing as how itโ€™s a car thatโ€™s no stranger to performance driving, it tends to become an issue more often that not.

One event in particular was when the Z06 failed to complete a hot lap during the 2015 Motor Trend โ€œBest Driverโ€™s Carโ€ competition. Regardless of the issues at hand, somehow it still put down one of the fastest laps overall compared to its competition. According to Motor Authority, C7 Z06 Corvette owners have banned together to serve General Motors a new class-action lawsuit over the carโ€™s alleged cooling system defects. Itโ€™s the fourth class-action lawsuit over this matter. Even though GM claims to have a fix for the cooling issue, many still experienced โ€œlimp modeโ€ during track sessions, and some on the streets and highways.

Our friends over at MotoIQ have a Z51 C7 and claim that itโ€™s not rare to see the vehicle (in ideal conditions) hit temperatures around 220-230 degrees, in turn, sending the car into limp mode. We teamed up with them to put our high-performance radiator through its paces. Tested on the track in 100-degree Central California heat, the C7’s coolant temperature never exceeded 208 degrees.

Featuring CSF’s exclusive B-Tube Technology and multi-louvered fins, our “drop-in fit” radiator’s larger core size increases heat dissipation by roughly 15% over stock. Not only is it larger than OE, its all-aluminum design is more durable, easy to install and, of course, more efficient.

 The radiator is designed with provisions for the OEM air guides, vents, surge tank, and fan assembly โ€“ allowing for an easy installation.

~33% Thicker Core Than Stock C7 Stingray Radiator 
With CSFโ€™s unique triple-pass technology, the radiator’s coolant flows through the radiator core three times rather than just once. This allows ambient air to exchange heat with the coolant for three times longer, generating the lowest outlet temperature possible.

High-Performance C7 Radiator (CSF# 7077) Features:

Part Number: CSF7077
Pricing: MSRP โ€“ $699 USD


  • 2014-2019 Chevrolet Corvette (C7) Stingray, Grand Sport, and Z06

For D.I.Y. installation help, check out MotoIQโ€™s article

CSF x Dedicated Motorsports C7 Z06 Heat Exchanger Features:

  • 2 Row, 42mm Core Featuring CSFโ€™s Exclusive B-Tube Technologyโ 
  • 6.5mm Fin Height w/ Multi-Louvered Design for Maximum Surface Area Contactโ 
  • 100% Increase in Efficiency Over OEM Heat Exchanger
  • Individually Leak and Pressure Testedโ 
  • Includes -16 ORB Threaded and OEM Style Pushlock Fittings
  • CNC Machined Brackets and Fittings for Superb Fit and Durabilityโ 
  • โ€œDrop-in Fitโ€ Requires No Modifications to Installโ 

Pricing: MSRP โ€“ $599 USD


  • 2014-2019 Chevrolet Corvette (C7) Z06

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