Counting sheep to fall asleep is a method that seems to be as old as time. But, when you see what Sheepey Built did with the EVO, we’ll be Luke Skywalkin’ on these haters, so don’t sleep, you gotta stay UP!

This blog is part of our series on the rEVOlutionary build process. Part one can be found here!

Phase 1 of the #CSFEVOX was to dive right in and get all of the custom engine fabrication designed and developed by our good friends at Sheepey Built. Off the bat, we were aiming to compete and win SEMA Battle of the Builders. In order for us to be competitive, we knew we had to bring our A-game. Our game plan was to let the guys at Sheepey Built get as creative and crazy as possible. They definitely did not disappoint!

This was the initial blank canvas if you will, to what would soon become a true masterpiece.

Sheepey Built hit the ground running and immediately began assembling the engine to mock up all the goodies to come. During this stage, a lot of back and forth went on with regards to what size turbo to go with, what intake manifold to run, along with other components we would need to separate us from not only the Battle of the Builders competition but from previous Evo X builds. To be on top, this build needs to be one-of-a-kind and go where no other Evo X has gone before….

CSF: Alex, we want to build the sickest EVO X in the world. Alex: Hold my…(I was going to say beer, but knowing Alex…”Protein Shake” would be more fitting ^_^ )

After all the deliberations, we were able to iron out some solid plans. A few friends that caught wind of our build wanted to jump on board without any hesitation. Things just got real and we needed some help to manage this project because after all, we still have a business to run and we REALLY KNEW what we were getting ourselves into.

Moto IQ to the rescue! Martin and Mike have been kind to help us balance some of the project managing and consulting. At this time they didn’t know, but they will play a larger role leading up to the SEMA. We’ll get to that a few blogs from now.

A few progress shots of how things are coming along at Sheepey Built.

As we wrap up phase 1, a lot has been accomplished and a lot still needs to be done. A few months have gone by and we can say it wasn’t always unicorns and rainbows. But nonetheless, it got done. Progress has been made and we can move forward to phase 2 – “Full custom interior” by ASC Speed Metal, and “Full custom upholstery” by Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery.

Special thanks and shout out to those who have helped out so far at this point, Sheepey Built, Moto IQ, Garrett by Honeywell, Turbosmart, Burns Stainless, and Magnus Motorsports. We appreciate you guys and thanks for your support!


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