Initiate the interior phase of the #CSFEVOX! After several months at Sheepey Built we are ready for the next phase: Full Custom Bespoke Interior by ASC Speed Metal and Full Custom Upholstery by Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery. We had so many different ideas on the interior design that we couldn’t make up our mind. It wasn’t until one of our visits to Rywire and just so happened Ryan’s Acura Integra Type R and Big Mike’s Prelude was there to admire and EUREKA! we got our inspiration right then and there.

We had an idea of what we wanted to do and got the referral to ASC Speed Metal from Ryan and Big Mike, thank you, gentlemen! ASC Speed Metal worked on both of their SEMA cars but hasn’t done something quite like what we had in mind. Nonetheless, they were up for the challenge and it was time to load up the Evo and take the trek to Lakewood, CA east of San Diego.

The plan was to create something show worthy and lightweight because racecar! They designed a full custom dashboard, rear deck, door panels, center console, rear interior, and trunk panels. We let the guys over at ASC Speed Metal do their thing, and they created something spectacular. Truly didn’t disappoint. Each panel is uniquely designed especially the driver side front door panel which they had to work around the extra impact bars compared to the passenger side.

Progress shots of the raw aluminum panels that will be soon be powder coated and the door panels wrapped in alcantara.

Once ASC Speed Metal was done with all the aluminum interior panels, we wanted to get them painted black to go with the color scheme of the car. We decided to have all the interior panels powder-coated in wrinkle black, done by our friends over at Embee Performance. They do a phenomenal job on their wrinkle black and have become a very popular coating with our BMW charge-air-coolers. Aside from the other interior panels, we wanted to do something a bit different for the door panels and door pulls. We decided to wrap those specific panels with Alcantara. Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery’s work is second to none. They wrapped the door panels and door pulls and surprised us with a little touch of their own. On the driver-side door pull, they etched one of our new logo design concepts and incorporated some red stitching to match the seats.

Speaking of seats, we were fortunate to have the support from Sparco USA who provided us with some goodies. We went with the Sparco Rev II racing seats and steering wheel fully wrapped with alcantara and red stitch upholstered by Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery. They also added a nice touch by stitching the CSF logo on the back of the seats as well. Along with the seats and steering wheel, Sparco included a set of harnesses, window net, shift knob and racing pedals!

The final product of the bespoke interior shot by Louis Yio of SpeedHunters.

The photos really don’t do any justice until you see all the details in person. We were completely blown away by how the interior came out and we couldn’t be any more grateful for ASC Speed Metal, Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery, Embee Performance, and Sparco’s contributions to the #CSFEVOX. Now that the interior & upholstery is complete, it’s on to the next stop: Rywire – for electronics and plumbing. Stay tuned to the next chapter of CSF’s rEVOlutionary build. Until next time…STAY COOL!

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