CSF has partnered up with Ford EcoBoost performance experts, Mountune USA, to develop the ultimate cooling solution for the 2013-2016 Ford Focus ST. This new high-performance, all-aluminum, triple-pass radiator features CSF’s industry-leading core design including our exclusive B-Tube technology and high-efficiency multi-louvered fin design for maximum heat dissipation and engine cooling performance.

CSF and Mountune USA’s new Focus ST radiator is a complete “drop-in fit” solution, requiring no modifications to install. CSF has gone one step further than any other cooling system manufacturer! We fully CNC machine and JIG all of the intricate brackets and fittings on each aluminum end tank of the high-performance radiator, which allows for all attaching OEM hardware such as the fan, AC Condenser, and radiator hoses to bolt right in – for a true plug-and-play installation!

Many Focus ST users have complained about the overheating issues that plague the new Focus ST on the race track or during spirited driving, an otherwise outstanding and balance racecar platform. According to Mountune USA, Once the OEM radiator’s performance is maxed out and coolant temperatures rise, the vehicle’s protection system activates “limp mode,” reducing/cutting engine performance and power. This situation is a typical occurrence during track days and sustained high-speed use. Many Focus ST owners have complained about reaching limp mode within 2-3 hard laps on the track.

Upgrading to the high-performance triple-pass radiator will maintain and stabilize outlet temperatures to significantly reduce the risk of power loss while protecting your engine when improved engine cooling performance is needed the most. The CSF X Mountune triple-pass radiator allows Focus ST drivers to now push their cars to their limits for a prolonged period, just as their vehicle was intended to do so.

Check out the more testing and product information done by Mountune over on their product page!

Mountune also did a Thermal test that shows the coolant path and heat rejection for the standard Focus ST radiator compared to the high-performance triple-pass radiator from Mountune USA exclusively manufactured by CSF.

Retail price is $599 / Special into pricing: $549 (while supplies last)

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