One of the best experiences for CSF this year was being involved with Rywire‘s fully built Integra Type R that we debuted in the CSF booth at this past November’s SEMA show. It was our 6th SEMA show, and as we continue to grow, we knew that we had to up our game to stand out at the world’s largest automotive aftermarket trade show. We had no idea that the industry’s response to the car would be so tremendous, culminating in placing in a top ten finish in SEMA’s prestigious “Battle of the Builders” competition.

The Rywire GT3 Integra in the CSF booth at SEMA 2015

3 years ago I met Ryan Basseri, the owner of Rywire, at the CSF booth at the 2013 SEMA show. It was then where we decided to work together to make the Rywire X CSF “Ultimate Tuck Radiators”. Working with Ryan on having his car in the CSF booth for SEMA 2015 worked on so many levels, including coming full circle on a partnership that was formed at a previous SEMA show.

Rywire’s ITR build (Integra Type R from Japan) has set the bar for the import aftermarket build community, setting itself apart by a huge gap, as arguably the best import performance build in the entire world! That’s a bold statement to make, but anyone who has spent time staring at this car will have a hard time disagreeing with me. Obviously, the engine is the main draw and the initial focal point of the vehicle at first glance.

The engine bay of the #GT3Integra is the ultimate show stopper.

It’s only when you stop and really start looking closely at all the details of the entire car, that you realize this car is on a totally different level than anything that has ever been built before in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and technology. Only the finest aftermarket parts & F1-grade components have been used, and there are thousands of hours of custom work that has been completed by Ryan on his vehicle. (check out the junction box which took 3 full days to build!).

The fuel system featuring Nuke Performance components is mind-blowing

CSF built a custom, all-aluminum, 2-row, dual-pass radiator with Wiggins inlet/outlet fittings and CSF’s B-tube technology for the build. Complete with formed and curved end tanks to fit snugly above the frame rail and behind the custom dual-back door intercooler.

The “RY-1” custom radiator built for the GT3 Integra



  • K24 block
  • K20 head
  • port flow head
  • Golden eagle sleeved block
  • Crower rods and pistons
  • port flow valvetrain
  • webcams
  • Honda HPD 3 stage internal dry-sump
  • Honda HPD valve cover
  • 8 ID 1000cc injectors
  • Nuke fuel pressure regulator
  • XRP Hs79 Hose with over 40 Hydraflow Wiggins hose ends
  • Golden Eagle intake manifold
  • Toyota DBW throttle body
  • JDL turbo manifold
  • Precision 62 65 turbo
  • Tial wastegates and BOV
  • Garrett intercooler
  • Wiggins couplers
  • custom CNC timing cover
  • K-tuned alternator
  • custom CNC coolant neck
  • Competition twin-disc clutch
  • Tilton throwout bearing with custom lines
  • Quaife sequential transmission
  • Quaife LSD
  • Billet bell housings transmission case
  • Insane shafts 1000hp axles and intermediate shaft
  • CSF custom all-aluminum radiator (RY-1)
  • Electronic h20 pump
  • Hasport mounts
  • Boltboys Hardware kit
  • K-tuned alternator relocation
  • ATI fluid pulley


  • Custom cage
  • Full custom aluminum panels and dash
  • Recaro Hans seat
  • Harnesses
  • Custom Rywire brake lines
  • Custom Porsche style door pull straps
  • OMP wheel
  • Recaro quick release
  • 3 bosh 044 fuel pumps
  • Nuke fuel filters and surge tank
  • Braile Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Aviad Drysump tank
  • Tilton pedal kit and master cylinders
  • Toyota throttle pedal


  • Eibach R2 coil overs
  • PCI prototype front upper control arms
  • Adjustable rear upper control arms
  • ASC custom rear lower arm


  • Rays Volk racing Prototype 17″ ZE40 in diamond black
  • Toyo R888 Ties
  • AP racing Custom Indy car front and rear brakes


  • 997 GT3RS Porsche paint
  • Magincal racing mirrors
  • Mugen gen 2 wing
  • Spoon lip
  • Special projects splitter
  • Custom wide front fenders
  • custom wide front bumper
  • custom Porsche style Rywire side stripe
  • PCI side skirts


  • Motec M170 ecu with GPRP
  • Motec PDM 16
  • Motec E816 expansion
  • Motec C127 digital dash with 6 I/0
  • Motec LTC lambda control
  • Motec CAN keypad
  • Motec AS terminated Pressure transducers (Fuel pressure (2), oil pressure, map, emap (2), h20 pressure, front brake pressure, rear brake pressure, clutch pressure, solenoid box pressure, accumulator pressure, crankcase pressure, barometric pressure.
  • Motec gear pot
  • Shiftec dual solenoid for air actuation control
  • Shiftec air actuator
  • Shiftec paddle controls (clickers)
  • Custom air accumulator
  • air compressor
  • KA air temp and h20 temp sensors
  • KA load cell on actuator
  • Rywire Boost solenoid
  • Rywire full motorsport electronics chassis wiring harness (estimated 400 hour build time)
  • Deutsch Autosport connectors (estimated 100+ terminations)
  • Custom Indy car style Steering wheel with driver control buttons and rotary position switches.
  • Custom junction boxes for harness terminations
  • TD Wastegate position kit

There has been a tremendous amount of press on the car already, including full build articles and video from some of the industry’s best media websites.

Make sure to search your social media channels for #GT3Integra for more coverage and pictures of the build, and don’t forget to tune into the Velocity TV networks airing of the “Battle of the Builders.”

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