What happens when a car enthusiast decides to have a family? Facing the dilemma of getting rid of a project car to make room for something more practical is not fun at all. Freddy Chang was looking for was something track-worthy and family-friendly at the same time. What he ended up building is the Ultimate Family Driving Machine, an E91 M3 wagon. Working closely with So-Cal heavy hitters, LTMW, they’ve managed to trick this wagon out with almost every M3 detail imaginable; everything from the S65 V8 engine swap, with an ESS Tuning VT2-625 supercharger, to the exterior front and rear M3 fenders, and even inside with proper gauge cluster and shift knob swap! This M wagon checks off all the boxes.

Shot of the S65 swap with the VT2-625 supercharger. The picture really does no justice to the amount of detail that was put into this conversion.

With all the performance upgrades this wagon is outfitted with, keeping it COOL on the track and for daily use was a very critical part to making this build work as well as it looks. The necessity for upgraded cooling is especially important for the hot summers in Texas where Freddy lives. As the leader in BMW cooling, CSF was the go-to choice, and the only option, to provide a full proper 4-piece cooling component package that this wagon needs to stay cool. Freddy and LTMW didn’t want to take any chances considering the hot and humid climate of where this car lives, The Ultimate Cooling Solution for the E9x M3 was ordered up to keep this wagon cool.

The full 4-piece E9x m3 cooling package was originally track tested and validated by Yost Autosport, including in the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in 2014 & 2015.

The 4-piece cooling package from CSF includes an all-aluminum triple-pass radiator with CSF’s exclusive B-Tube technology (CSF# 7059), CAB brazed dual-pass power steering cooler (CSF #8041), upgraded DCT transmission oil cooler (CSF #8042), and cast-end tank race-spec engine oil cooler (CSF #8025).

Each part in the cooling kit is designed to be a true “drop-in-fit” installation with no modifications necessary.

The full 4-piece cooling package for BMW E9x m3 (E90/E92/E93 M3). Exclusively available world-wide only from CSF, the leader in cooling performance.

CSF’s 4-piece cooling kit has been fully track-tested in over 100-degree hot weather by MotoIQ, you can read more about it here.

For the complete feature on Freddy’s incredible wagon, along with the complete spec-list of upgrades + more, check out the full feature on SpeedHunters.com here.

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