Slammed, dropped, tucked, poke, stretched, rolled, and bagged…These are all terms of the “low life,” the slammed society culture. I’m fully aware of the scene that is ever so present in today’s tuning scene, but foreign to me is that I’m more of a performance-orientated car enthusiast. However, being that I’m currently back in California now, the chance to be able to check out my first Illest Slammed Sundays experience was something that I had to jump on about a week ago during the middle of March.

Illest Slammed Sundays – How Low Can You Go?

I had to park a few blocks down because the streets were packed. There were a bunch of Miatas about an inch from the ground. These guys love to “live low.”

This was my first visit to the monthly meet, and I had no idea what to expect. All though I’m more of a function/performance over style & looks due to my business, I’m a car buff at heart. Let me tell you this to start off, this meet blew my expectations out of the water! There were some quality rides in attendance that no matter what you prefer, you had to just sit back, title your neck, and appreciate “getting low.”

I’d prefer to be race BMWs, but damn! These dropped beamers were looking fresh lined up in the parking lot across the street from the Illest store.

One thing that was really enforced in my mind from going to this the show was the idea that pretty much any car can be slammed to the ground. Do the drop just right and pair it with a great set of wheels, and any slammed car can actually look good and be appreciated.

This steel gray Scion TC was the perfect way to start the meet. Parked a few blocks down from the action, it was looking proper.
The late-model Lexus SC 300 was also commanding a presence across the street from the central part of the event with its gold trim and matching gold rims tucked under the rolled fenders.

Once I rolled up to the main part of the meet, “Rob the Crook”, owner of the Crooks & Castles clothing brand rolled up in his dropped Ferrari 458.

Much respect to the owners of clothing companies who are following the trend of Mark Arcenal, owner of Illest/Fatlace, of getting into car culture and motorsports. Some fake it, but I feel Rob’s love for the culture is authentic. He had this bad boy at the SEMA show back in November, and it’s good to see he cruises car meets on the regular as well.

Right behind Rob was his buddies Porsche 911 GT3 (997 series). Although it was missing its wing (WTF), it still looked awesome.

Big props to LTMW, who really blew up on the scene about 6 months ago with their Liberty Walk builds before SEMA. These guys are owning the game in the Southern California BMW/Exotic “stance” culture of the industry.

The meet event was co-sponsored by Air Runner, who you guessed it, makes adjustable suspension systems. They had a great display of their own next to back entrance of the store.

The one soft spot of my heart slammed culture has always had was in the VIP luxury tuning niche of the movement. This Lexus LS 450 was the perfect example of a perfectly executed VIP ride.

An almost identical matching ride was parked right across from the vehicle above. Big break kit (rotors and calipers), huge wheels, extreme body kit, a luxurious interior, and of course, a perfect drop are all the main ingredients to a legit ride in this scene.

Air Runner came hard to this event as the co-sponsor. Props to them, and a big shout-out to Chris from Air Runner – Nice to meet you bro, and sorry these pics are coming so late, lol!
This old school Lexus LS with heavy JDM style and slight “Boso” flair is as VIP as it gets.

Plenty of FR-S’s in attendance including the owner of Illest Mark Arcenal’s very own Vortech supercharged red rocket bunny. This whip is for sale for only $35K! Someone needs to grab this up now.

I’m a big Nissan 370Z fan, being that our radiator + condenser module was how we broke into the industry, but I just couldn’t get behind this rendition. I was not feeling it. What are your thoughts? Like it or hate it?

There were plenty of BMW’s in attendance from E30’s to E90’s in attendance. Some living the low life and some performance orientated versions as well.

Track ready E 36 m3 looking vintage but timeless in the main parking lot. Loved the way the wing brought it all together.
These two white Beamers made for a great picture of a VIP’ed M5 and stanced M3.

The M5 was done well, especially completing the look with the addition of high-end tray tables and window shades, which I always find is a “must” if you are trying to ball VIP.

This upgraded E92 M3 with its titanium exhaust, carbon fiber trim, blacked-out rims, and Bimmerfest badges was looking awesome “hard parked” and slightly hidden in the parking lot over from the main one.
The parking lot over from the main one had some real talent including this dropped Infiniti G35with rolled rear fenders to accommodate the massive wheels and desired stance. I’m a big fan of the Infiniti tuning scene, and I didn’t mind this at all!

I saw this Lexus LS 430 the day before parked and getting a lot of looks at the FD tech day. Watching this ride try and leave the parking lot had my sense of reality kicking back in on how ridiculously impractical some of these lowered rides are. It took him at least 7 different adjustments on angle to make sure he didn’t scrape his front lip. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” The Camber on this ride was one of the most I’ve ever seen in person.

This Scion XB looked like it was laying on the floor taking a nap, and had some nice touches… but Ca’mon man!
Walking back across the street I snapped this amazing looking IS 300. I think if you’re goning to go slammed, Lexus or Infiniti is the way to go
This convertible E30 dropped and tucked on mesh wheels was looking clean. A little TLC and maybe a new paint job + front bumper would have this thing feeling like 90210.

Nice line up of all taste of Low. The red BMW was my favorite. Had just the right amount of drop, great fender roll, and nice touch with the roof rack.

This V-display of old vs. new with the MK1 golf and new variation was an awesome touch. Both these rides were repping it right with real wire mesh BBS wheels. The MK1 was restored perfectly.
I caught this “Rat-rod” styled slammed Datsun pickup right before it left the event, and I’m sure glad it did.

A couple different EVO’s in attendance as well with this one being completed done up with high end JDM parts.

This Audi was looking really fresh with its bright blue and black scheme, Hoping to see it all done up next month!

Going to finish off the coverage with my favorite car of the event, this 987 Porsche Boxster. I was really digging everything about this ride and loved the GT wing on the back to set off the perfect stance this owner has achieved.

This event was great, and I’m really looking forward to the next time I can attend. Hopefully, I’ll be around next month before I leave to head back to the East Coast. Shout out to Mark and the entire Illest crew for hosting such a fantastic event. The location of the new store is in a great neighborhood close to the OC LAB and CAMP, and it really was the perfect setting for this meet. Until next time, #STAYCOOL

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