I’ve been lagging on getting part 2 up online of my Importfest 2016 coverage. I’ll blame SEMA and new model development for taking up all of my time. I guess it’s that time of year again. I’m glad that I’m finally getting some R&R this weekend, watching some football on the couch this weekend, and able wrap this up! Enjoy my take on the best of JDM from the show.

We’ll start with the #TeamImportFest Rocket Bunny GT-R. We brought this bad boy to SEMA last year as a CSF feature car. This beast is a true show-stopper with its almost matte chrome wrap, GReddy power upgrades, and cooled with CSF’s best-in-class GT-R all-aluminum radiator. The only high-performance radiator on the market to use the OEM style B-tube.

This GT-R looks good from any angle, and the wrap really pulls out the widebody lines. Check out more of this Godzilla on IG @ifestgtr

Also parked in the Nissan Canada display was a car that I was really looking forward to seeing for the 1st time. One of the best 370Z’s in the country. This blue Z34 had only top quality parts from the best in the business. Built by world-class JDM specialist and car builders, Bulletproof Automotive, this Z had a V2 Varis arising kit, Rays magnum blue wheels (which are my favorite color of TE 37’s) + a turbo kit under the hood and Top Secret bits scattered around the engine to make sure you know it’s the “real deal”.

Cooled by CSF’s gen-1 radiator + condenser high performance cooling system module. Catch more of this build on IG @Galeforce370Z

That wasn’t the only 370Z #hardparked in the Nissan booth. This highlighter-yellow wrapped, Amuse widebody version was right in the front of the Nissan booth.

Lot’s of body parts from different companies tastefully blended together to make this Z34 pop! Catch more on IG @melloyello370Z

Behind the Nissan booth sat another build that I was excited to see in person for the 1st time as well. The new Rocket Bunny Civic that was completed right before the show in a lambo gray (looked like it at least). This was the 1st time I got to see what the new Rocket Bunny EG kit in the flesh. I believe this is the 2nd one to be completed in N. America. The 1st one is down in So-Cal, but I haven’t seen it in person yet. This is the 1st one in Canada, and I do like how the kit fits. With the Civic being such an “OG’ car that is never going to go away, this really freshens up the scene to keep the EG going strong for many years to come!

Cooled by a CSF ½ rad all-aluminum 2-row all-aluminum Civic radiator (CSF #2858). Follow more of this build on IG @ifestcivic

The new Lexus RC is a model that perplexes me. It’s an awesome looking car, both in stock form and when given a nice exterior mod treatment like the #RocketBunny widebody kit on a bright color, especially when the kit is molded like I’ve seen on versions in So-Cal and at SEMA last year. However, the aftermarket isn’t embracing it as much as you would have thought when the car first came out on the market.

When talking a couple of weeks ago to Import scene guru, Ben Schaffer from Bulletproof Automotive, he mentioned to me that it’s just not that great of a performance car, especially compared to the comparable offerings from the German brands (i.e BMW, Audi, Benz). That’s a shame to hear because the JDM makes badly need some new aftermarket friendly models to keep the scene alive. Seems like everyone is more keen on reinventing the wheel on vehicles that were released 5,10,20+ years ago.

With that being said, I enjoyed really enjoyed the 2 Rocket Bunny versions I saw at the ImportFest this year.

This RC-F checked off all the boxes for me. This thing was straight fire. Very well done!

Parked in the Vossen Wheels display was ImportFest CEO, Basit Mirza’s, very own RC 350 widebody w/ custom Apexi turbo kit. It’s now for SALE! More on IG @importfest

Also in the Vossen booth was the other CSF #SEMA featured car that we brought to the show last year. North America’s first #LibertyWalk G37. The stance was perfect sitting on a brand new set of fresh Vossen forged wheels.

The matte blue sparkle wrap really adds to the kit of this car. This G37 is also cooled by CSF’s radiator + condenser high-performance cooling system module. This one being the gen-2 triple-pass model that is one of our best sellers (#7012T).

There were awesome builds all over the Metro Convention Center in downtown Toronto! Every turn I made, I saw something awesome. #TeamImportFest really brought the heat with so many awesome builds, many of them of the JDM flare. A few builds, like the civic, were finished right before the show. Some of the builds on-going, but presentable for the 1st time like this new RocketBunny Boss S14 that was at the show. I’ve seen a few of these in So-Cal, and CSF coolers are on most of them. However, I have to say – I think this one is one of my favorite renditions that I’ve seen so far. The blue paint is dope, and the bronze rim combo is on-point!

This #BossS14 will be featuring our new BOSS internal/external oil cooler soon. Check out more of this build on IG @ifestboss14

(BTW we’ll be featuring two BossS14’s at JCCS on September 24th this year in Long Beach. Both AngelcityGTR and @goodshow_aa will have their versions parked in the CSF booth!)

It’s time to unleash the FR-S pics! You knew it was coming, and Importfest 2016 did not disappoint. The car is immensely popular, and the aftermarket support for the car is #1 right now. Importfest had a nice mix of visions.

This clean #RocketbunnyFRS was my favorite at the show. It wasn’t over-the-top, and I love that the owner went the extra mile and had the kit molded rather than the somewhat played-out bolt-on fender look. I had a chance to talk to the owner for a quick second who let me take some clean pics of the car. Cool dude!

FR-S/BRZ’s sure do look good in white, especially when a wide body kit is added to the mix. This Varis version from the NextMod crew was on point. Guys part of this crew don’t cut corners, and like I said in part 1 of my coverage, the build’s from this crew rival what I’ve been seeing in So-Cal.

On point! Follow NextMod on IG @Nextmod

Big wing widebody FR-S. Same same but different – Unique in their own right!

Mazda was well represented. A couple of very unique Miatas that caught my eye. One being a Frankenstein Diesel.. WOW!

I was really diggin’ the orange one with tire rack. Ready to hit the track. Make sure to check out friends @MiataCrew on IG.

The RX-7 will always be a sought after, timeless classic. Always looks good when kept clean and proper.

The WRX/STI has transformed over the years, but has kept true to the classic style we’ve grown to love. Both of these versions (both new and old) were done very tastefully in their own right.

Time will tell how the aftermarket supports this new hybrid JDM supercar.

Also on display was one of the best old-school NSX I’ve ever seen. Full carbon fiber and beautifully modded out to the max!

If I could have taken home one ride from the show, this might have been it. Bravo!

The NSX has a baby brother, the S2000 – Another cult classic that is still in high demand. There were a couple that really caught my eye. Especially the black one below.

The S2000 is still so popular that we just released an “0” series radiator w/ built-in oil cooler for the platform.

I’m running late for a friend’s bday party, so I’m gonna mail it in the rest of the way. (Sorry!). Check out the slider below w/ some of the cool stuff from the show. Ben Sopra GT-R w/ some nasty models hanging on it, Evo done by DSG from Montreal that was on point, rare Skyline taken on my cell phone cause my camera died, and some stretch/poke tire action which I saw floating around the show as well.

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