It’s been more than 4 months since the last blog post… way overdue! It’s been another crazy year so far, and with the summer in full swing, and very hot summer I might add. It’s been hectic, to say the least. Traveling hasn’t stopped, but fortunately, I was able to hit up Importfest 2016 in Toronto, Canada earlier this month while I was up there handling some loose ends from our Canadian division. All I gotta say is “What an awesome show!” Basit and his crew are doing a great job taking this event to new levels, and I’m super excited to share a 2 part blog post on what I saw – First up the EUROS!!

CSF was the official cooling sponsor of the event, and because of my good relationship with the ImportFest crew, we’ve now recently become the official cooling supplier to #TeamImportFest!

One of the cars that we worked on to make sure was properly cooled with our 3 piece Porsche radiator system was the crew’s Porsche 997 that has been fully decked out in Cup gear (i.e. wing, GT3 bumper, fender extensions, CAE shifter, cage, etc). Topped off with an awesome Falken Tire livery scheme.

Killed it with this one…

The converted cup car held it’s own parked next to the real McCoy!

997 GT3 RS – Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing. I really love how patriotic and proud Canadian’s are. Always rocking the flag!

Vossen Wheels comes goes all-out for ImportFest. Vossen loves Canada and Canada loves Vossen. These guys make some gorgeous wheels. I just wish they would take the plunge into motorsports (hint hint)!

This bagged Audi sedan on Vossen forged can do no wrong! Audis, ballin’ rims and bags are a match made in heaven.

After having the opportunity to live in the great city of Toronto for over four years, I learned a few things about Canada. The high end car scene is no joke, and some of the builds rival, or I dare even say, beat the quality and impact of what you might see at a major car show in So-Cal. There is a lot of money floating around Canada, and the car enthusiast know how to spend it well.

This R8 was kitted out with bits from Prior Design, with some #meatyfitment to go along with it. Panda panda panda. Done up by MS who usually has their hands on all the cars from the NextMod crew

How about this matte-black Liberty Walk 458 with gold rims hard parked in the DUB booth.

This build looked better than all of the other LibertyWalk 458’s that I’ve seeing before, including LB’s personal vehicles that I saw displayed at SEMA over the past couple of years.

There was a little more than a handful of Porsches scattered through the show. What I loved the most about the variety that was on display, they were all uniquely different.

Toronto’s only RWB sitting in the DUB booth. I must say, they do look good in white. With the car already “in your face” the subtle color juxtaposition works well
I fell in love with this bagged and blacked-out 997 sitting on Rotiform wheels! I cringe at the idea that all functionality has been taken away from a driver’s sportscar, but damn! No hater zone here.
This widebody air-cooled Porsche, refreshingly not an RWB, won an award for stand-out Porsche of the show. The owner really went all out with the Gulf Livery carrying over to the wheels.

North Face Rally Club (NFR) has a bunch of heavy hitters as part of their crew, and they were in full force representing at ImportFest this year. Their first-year rally through the North East of the US and Canada got a lot of excellent reviews and is something I would love to check out one year.

Two Aventadors for you to drool over. The outlandish Pink wrapped version actually worked well, and you can never go wrong with the flashy green SV equipped spyder.

We can’t forget the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. You know CSF loves our BMW’s, and there were plenty to fiest your eyes on at the show. From Some of the new M4 builds rival what you see in So-Cal. There was a select group of standout M4’s at the show. My favorite being this gold one below.

I drooled all over this build for quite a while. Making me want to get an M4 bad. The feels!

The other two standout M4’s that I saw were both also from the NextMod crew (they come so hard with the Chinese cash!) Blue Vorsteiner widebody (Ottawa chapter) with some nice touches including an excellent aftermarket headlight mod. The other was the white widebody Varis rendition that I absolutely fell in love with.

A group that I never knew about which had an impressive display of BMW’s was the BMW True North Club (BMW TN). A nice mix of race E46 and E92 m3’s lined their massive booth as well as some other stand-outs including a murdered-out I8 with perfect stance.

Can’t forget Ferrari or Benz!

I was surprised to see such a good display of air suspension set-ups at the show. Chop Shop TGSC was to take credit for a lot of the systems I saw, and I actually got a chance to meet their crew + pick their brains on the science of air. Nice to learn something knew about our industry, and how things work. These guys are legit!

I’ll end it with a picture of the massive ImportFest Car transporter! This thing is bad ass! Like they promote it: “Canada’s Biggest and Baddest Car Show!”

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