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Marc’s “Street Legal” Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo

It’s been a good year since attending a car event in California and decided to head to the CSF Players show, I was living out of state and hadn’t seen my friend Marc (@pterodactyltactics) in a while, nor had I seen his newest build. When I showed up to the event, I immediately went straight to his car and could not believe my eyes; the build was PERFECT. The Grigio Telesto paint that Marc seems to have on all of his vehicles, the brushed wheels, the bright brakes. You could instantly tell this was one of Marc’s builds, and you once you laid eyes on it you couldn’t stop looking.

The Player’s show was a huge success, the event was packed full of vehicles with CSF product on them, the new warehouse was being shown to the public and everyone seemed to be having an amazing time. There was even this churro food truck that was surprisingly good. All in all catching up with friends and meeting some new people, couldn’t have asked for a better day, and just like that, it got better.

Cars galore inside the front of the new CSF Warehouse

“Hey man, we’re going to take a couple of photos of my car, want to come along?” That’s what Marc said to me at the end of the Player’s show. Of course, I agreed, how could I pass up the chance to ride along in my friends latest build?? Especially one that he has wanted to build for so long.

We pull out into the street, and Marc slowly gives the car throttle. Initially, it feels like a stock Huracan. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear this jet engine sound as the car throws me into my seat. It feels like my chest is giving out! Marc begins to laugh, and he lets off the throttle. It sounds like a machine gun behind us, with the car letting out the most violent backfires one after the other. The feeling and sound are intoxicating and addicting, I needed more.

Marc and I have known each other for over a decade, and being able to share this moment with him was awesome.

The face you make after you feel the power of a twin turbo lambo.

About ten years ago when I first met Marc, he kept saying not only will he buy a Lambo, he will also build it into the craziest Lambo the street has ever seen. It was just a dream at the time, but he was so driven and borderline defensive about it. Well, his vision became a reality with this build. 

The first part when building a car is to buy a car — or is it? Well, Marc had begun to look into different widebody kits, and that’s when everything started to spin out of control.

The widebody that you see on Marc’s car is none other than the OEM Lamborghini Super Trofeo. This widebody kit is full of Kevlar and Carbon goodness and has a rather steep price tag and lead time. This is the same package installed on the Super Trofeo race cars, and it even has Kevlar fender liners!!

Kevlar is the new Carbon and Marc is ahead of the pack with his wild build.

After some early setbacks with the build, Marc and Alex from Sheepey ended up linking up to finish the build. Alex has been a brand advocate and friend of ours at CSF, so we already knew it would be in good hands. Since Alex had already done a Twin Turbo Huracan, there was no question as to whether he could provide a finished package for Marc.

Custom Sheepey Race Manifolds and Intercoolers are cleanly tucked away in the engine bay with precise fabrication. The sheer amount of Kevlar also in the engine bay alone is a build in itself. 

So what was the other car that Sheepey had built before Marc’s ? 

Why were they so confident that they could help out his dream build finish up? Well, see for yourself.

Sheepey and the owner of this Huracan, Greg, wanted to build something that was classy yet violent. Something that could easily outrun any car it comes across, and drive down the street to grab dinner. Alex and his team at Sheepey developed the perfect package for this.  Full Speedhunters read here.

Brushed Ferrada Wheels compliment the kit and brakes perfectly

Using a Syvecs Ecu and twin Precision 6466 turbos, this car at just 12psi put down over 1000whp on pump gas. For a more streetable tune at just 5psi put down over 800whp. Absolutely mental. 

Of course with all that added power, there were some issues to be addressed with cooling to prevent heat soak, luckily Alex developed his own custom air to water coolers using our CSF Cores to prevent that from happening.

You see that Intake Manifold? It’s the Gosha Turbo Tech and to date it is the only one in the Country.

The car is a handful when you account for the drivetrain loss; you have over 1200hp at the crank on pump gas!

It’s almost as if Alex and his team like to show off on customers cars with every car they build.

With the shop that Marc had previously gone to, the car was left unfinished and he was full of frustration. It wasn’t until Alex had shown him that yes, your build is possible and here is proof of it with Greg’s car, that he finally felt confident and wanted to finish his Street Trofeo. 

This Huracan wasn’t just all engine bay, it has also been outfitted with a full Vorsteiner kit which kind of gives off a Carbon Fiber Performante look. It is a classy and almost oem+ look that retains the factory lines of the Huracan. Another friend of mine had built a Vorsteiner Huracan and when you see the car drive by, nothing looks out of place or overdone.

The contrast between Greg’s and Marc’s build is pretty clear on the outside, but they both share the same heart on the side. 

The Sheepey Race pie cut titanium exhaust, and dump tubes are works of art on the rear of the car.

Let’s talk about riding along in this thing; it is, after all, one of the most extreme Lambos ever to hit the street. Believe it or not, it’s comfortable, very comfortable. Marc had ordered his car from the factory to the exact interior specs he wanted; there are no racing seats or roll bars running through the interior, just the original Alcantara and leather seats. The yellow stitching and brakes match each other nicely and tie the entire theme of the car in. It seems like a stock Huracan on the inside, which is a refresher because so many people decide to tear the insides of exotic vehicles apart and ruin the beautiful interior. 

This interrior I could sit in every day and not feel cramped or uncomfortable.

Check out these icredible BBS wheels Marc had custom built and refinished, the contrast against the Grigio Telesto paint is a match made in heaven.

Twin Precision 6466SP turbos and Wastegates are responsible for the insane powerband

The main thing that stood out to me is not only is it over 800hp to the wheels, but the Precision Turbos that Sheepey had paired with the build spooled INSTANTLY and did not die out at all at redline, the car just kept making more and more power. It almost felt like a supercharger; there was maybe a ½ second of lag if any at all. 

Right before the event, Alex had decided to fab up some new coolers with CSF liquid –to-air intercooler cores and put them on Marc’s car. As the car warmed up more we noticed that the drivability started to lessen and the car began to sputter and stall, at first Marc was worried but then when we found out the reason for it, it was almost laughable. 

The CSF coolers that Sheepey made were so effective in cooling down the car we needed to perform a retune! There was such a temperature drop that the car was having issues sorting out fuel and timing. Now if that isn’t proof that our products work, I don’t know what is!

During the photo shoot, the photographers performed some of the craziest antics that I have ever seen. We first met up with our CHP escort that was obsessed with the car; he helped shut down a few streets for us to help us get the perfect rolling shots for the Speedhunters article, which by the way you can check out here.

Special thanks to all the excellent law enforcement officers out there that help protect and serve their communities.

The Speedhunters crew decided to do whatever they could to get the perfect shot, even if it meant hanging half of their body out of the rear of an SUV. The photoshoot was almost as entertaining as riding around in the car itself; you could tell that this was not the first time they had done a shoot like this. It was an absolute comedy as people drove by and pointed and stared as we were doing rolling shots and the back hatch of an SUV was open with someone hanging out of it. 

Mark from Speedhunters thought it would be fun to cruise down to Victoria Gardens, not far from CSF and watch peoples reactions to the car. 

As Marc and I pulled in to the shopping center, immediately there were kids screaming and pointing and the parents would just drop their jaw. Every single person we drove by seemed to be in shock and awe, even people you could tell that didn’t care about cars at all still couldn’t help but stare. This Super Trofeo certainly set the stage and its presence was not able to be ignored. 

We headed towards a back road near the hills and decided to take a few more epic photos before heading back to CSF; it was kind of a pain though because cars just kept going up and down what seemed at first an empty street.

As we began to head back, Marc and I had a long talk about life and plans for the future, it was great to catch up with an old friend and also see one of his dreams become a reality. 

Little did I know that on my way back, CSF would soon become my place of work, and would be writing this article. 

Marc’s build in my opinion is the ultimate form of a Huracan. You have the extremely aggressive aero that has been given a more mature look without all of the crazy decals of the race car. The stock interior, suspension and the powerband of the car allow it to be driven on the street with ease. It still has its heater core and a/c, this truly is the pinnacle of meshing a street car with a race car. 

It shows that with hard work and the right parts, any build can become a reality. We at CSF are happy to have been a part of this build with the help of Sheepey and know that 2019 will be a big year for Marc and his Super Trofeo. This is the perfect build to showcase that not only can we do drop in OEM fitment parts, but we can supply you the parts to make your custom cooler. 

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