CSF is proud to release its first three sizes of new, ultimate-boost, high-efficiency, Liquid-to-Air Intercooler Cores!

After quickly becoming the innovator of air-to-air intercooler core technology and unique sizes, and with the expansion of its range of bar and plate air-to-air cores to 13 different stocking sizes and countless more for private label customers, CSF has decided to take the knowledge learned in 2016 on its new flagship “GAME OVER” Top mount liquid-to-air charge-air-cooler, and make its industry-leading air-to-water cores now available to the fabrication market!

Because of CSF’s deep history and true manufacturing experience, CSF recognizes market trends faster than any cooling manufacturer in the world. It’s no secret that the new trend in high performance is BIG BOOST, and the pursuit for over 1000HP, and now even over past 2000HP is the norm in pro-mod, exotic ½ mile racing, drag-racing, land-speed racing, and other types of extreme speed motorsports. CSF has answered the call from its top-level partners such as Sheepey Built, Dedicated Motorsports, PRL Motorsports, and Dallas Performance to come up with a readily available solution for the pursuit of high horsepower and 200MPH+ speed records!

CSF’s new trio of air-water-cores (CSF #8084 – 1000HP, #8085 – 1500HP, #8086 – The MEGA 2000HP)

CSF not only has come up with a trio of core sizes to start but has brought to market in the trio 2 new sizes that have never been made for mass availability. A new 12x6x6 1500 HP intercooler core as well as the MEGA 12x12x6 2000HP size). On top of our unique sizes and industry-best performance, because of our world-wide economies of scale, CSF has been able to bring these new liquid-to-air cores to market at a much better value than what is currently being offered in the USA market at marked-up prices.

The new line of 1000 HP, 1500HP, and 2000HP capable air-to-water intercooler cores from CSF

For the pressure side of the core, CSF has wind-tunnel tested multiple configurations. Finally choosing a multi-louvered, staggered 6mm fin height.

For the water side, CSF has developed a unique ultra-efficient 2mm fin height turbulated and staggered fin set-up. This new internal water fin design is sure to grab industry attention quickly!

Please visit our dedicated Intercooler page for part # information, pricing, exact measurements in both inches and MM + some other detailed information.

Please contact one of our distributors and/or dealers to get your hands on our new cores today! These new liquid-to-air intercooler cores will be available in extremely low quantities throughout the first half of 2017. Don’t miss out!

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    Vertical flow is primarily used to allow the inlet/outlet to be placed on the same side of the intercooler. Temp drop is the comparison of the travel time of the air in the “tubes of the core” – however, the longer the travel time the more likely there is higher pressure drop. Air-flow balance of performance vs. pressure drop is critical and there is no set answer, everything is based on the individual system

    I am looking for a air to liquid intercooler core 7″ wide x 4.75″ tall x 2.25″ deep. Boost on air side will be 20psi water preasure will be about 15 psi

    Need pricing and options

    Hello, If you’re interested in a custom size, please email info@csfrace.com / also Min order qty for a custom size will be 20 pieces, otherwise please see the sizes that we have available / possible to cut down the height or turn the core to fit your needs.

    hello you will have a core water to air with the dimensions of 10.5x 4.8×4.8 that you can get an efficiency of 1000 hp but a 2 core

    Hi im interested in the 1500HP bar and plate core for my mazda r100 that runs on e85 i have a Chinese made one and my air temps are too high 47 degrees what will it cost to get this to Australia including delivery