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Almost every Ferrari that has rolled out of the factory in Maranello has gone on to become an icon of the automotive world. However, not all achieve the same level of love and status in the car community. While the Ferrari F355 might not have the same mainstream reverence as some, it is incredibly well loved and has an amazing community supporting it.

As with most vehicles that we built over 20 years ago, the Ferrari F355 is at the age where a lot of the critical components need to be replaced. While the OEM Radiators are still available, they can be quite expensive, and many owners have been looking for a suitable upgrade for their collectable Italian supercars. CSF has listened to the community and has produced the first reputable High-Performance All-Aluminum Radiators for the F355.

Design & Engineering

When initially designing these radiators, there were several key features that CSF knew were important to the Ferrari community: OEM Fit & Finish, Increased performance, and improved reliability.


The original F355 OE radiators from Ferrari feature aluminum cores crimped onto plastic end tanks. While generally accepted as good quality and durable, this design is significantly weaker than the all-aluminum TIG welded design of the CSF Radiators. Anyone who has restored/updated a older car knows the value of having updated parts that are as efficient as possible.

The CSF radiator features a 1-Row 31mm aluminum core that not only increases the fluid capacity of the radiator, but also improves the cores ability to dissipate heat. CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology increases the heat transfer by approximately 15% over regular oval welded tubes. The 6.5mm super-efficient multi-louvered fins maximize airflow through the core for the best possible performance. In addition, CSF was able to fit 2 additional cooling tubes and rows of fins.

The combination of TIG-Welded 100% All Aluminum construction and dual core straps increase the overall strength of the radiator. This improves durability and longevity so you can be confident it will hold up to hard driving conditions. Additionally, the satin black finish gives the radiator a clean OEM look and both radiators are a true Plug-and-Play “Drop-in Fit” application.

other Aftermarket

There are a couple aftermarket options floating around on the internet. While CSF could not find anyone who has tested these units, CSF likes to offer the comparison facts for customers to save them time and energy. Typical eBay models may seem tempting based on price, however they are made in China by an unbranded manufacturer. While there are plenty of good products made in China, they are usually from well known brands. These units offer a 1-year warranty and the construction appears to use a low quality aluminum core with fewer cooling tubes and fin rows than the OEM:

# Cooling Tubes393733
# Cooling Fin Rows403834
Core MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminum
Tank MaterialAluminumPlasticAluminum
Construction100% TIG WeldedCrip on GasketWelded

With eBay and unbranded products, you can never be 100% sure of the quality, but with CSF you can. CSF’s factories are ISO certified, and are OE suppliers to many US, German and Asian manufacturers. All CSF Radiators are fully manufactured and assembled In-House, Including All Tubes and Fins from Military-Grade (Special Clad) Aluminum (JIS 3003 Spec Minimum). CSF Radiators and components are designed in house using state-of-the-art software (including Solidworks, Fusion 360, and Unigraphics), and wind tunnel tested for optimal radiator core cooling efficiency.

Product Images

Ferrari F355 High-Performance All-Aluminum Radiators Features (CSF #7205/7206)

  • Upgraded 1-Row 31mm Ultra-High-Performance Dual Pass Core
  • Cooling Tubes with CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology
  • 6.5mm Tall Ultra Efficient Fins with a Multi-Louvered Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
  • CNC Machined Mounting Brackets and OEM Style Inlet/Outlet
  • 100% All Aluminum TIG-Welded Construction
  • Satin Black Finish for OEM+ Look
  • True Plug-and-Play “Drop-in Fit” Installation Requires Absolutely No Modifications
  • Individually Leak and Pressure Tested
  • OE Location Fan Shroud Mounting Points
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Applications:
    • 1994-1999 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta (incl. Challenge models)
    • 1995-2001 Ferrari F355 Spider
    • 1994-1999 Ferrari F355 GTS
    • 1998-1999 Ferrari F355 F1
  • OEM Part Numbers:
    • Ferrari: 807927 (Right)
      • Supersedes: 157589 (Right)
      • Supersedes: 159919 (Right)
    • Ferrari: 807928 (Left)
      • Supersedes: 157590 (Left)
      • Supersedes: 159920 (Left)
  • 7205 – MSRP: $799.00 USD /MAP: $749.00 USD
  • 7206 – MSRP: $799.00 USD /MAP: $749.00 USD

Where to Buy

Please contact an authorized CSF dealer or distributor to order.

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