New Dual Fluid Oil Cooler

Heavy Duty w/ SPAL Fan

CSF is very excited to announce the availability of its advanced and unique dual-fluid heavy duty oil cooler with built in -10 male fittings and included SPAL fan and sealed shroud.

CSF Dual-fluid oil cooler (CSF #8026)

– Comes equipped with built in fan shroud and 9 inch SPAL fan (with isolator mounts for high vibration)

Dimensions & Specs

– 9.7 inches tall (~10 inches)
– 13.8 inches wide (with brackets) ~14 inches)
– 5.15 inch thick (with fan) – 5.65 inches wide with bracket overhang

– 17 rows of cooling – split up into 2 sections of: 5 rows (30%) and 12 rows (70%)

– Built in AN-10 male fittings (plug and play)

– Pressure tested at 120 psi with extruded aluminum end tanks and heavy duty bar&plate design for max durability
– extruded endtanks
– Universal fit, and can be mounted many different ways

– Can be used with any type of oil (i.e engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission oil, gear-box fluid)

MSRP: $599

Email for more information or to find out where to purchase this new and exicitng product from CSF.

Isolator mounts for high vibration

High Pressure extruded aluminum end tanks


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