New Heavy Duty Hummer H3 radiator

CSF releases another cooling solution

CSF is proud to announce our new all-aluminum Hummer H3 radiator!

CSF’s new all-aluminum H3 radiator finally addresses all the weak points of the orignal plastic tank radiator. The biggest failure point on this model is the upper mounting pin which is orignally made in plastic. There is too much stress on this pin, and it causes the plastic tank to crack. CSF’s CNC machined billet top mounting pin takes care of this issue, and will last the lifetime of the car.



The second weakness of the OEM radiator, is the push-connect plate-type oil-cooler that is used to cool the automatic transmission fluid. CSF has beefed up this cooler using a stronger 4-plate cooler which will meet the demands of heavy towing and off-road driving.


CSF’s new H3 all-aluminum radiator is a true “drop-in fit’ including the original threaded plastic filler neck design now machined in aluminum. CSF includes an embossed cap cover for the orignal plastic cap to complete the high-end look of the 1 hour hand polished mirror finished radiator.
This radiator will fit with the orignal AC condenser, fan shroud, and all orignal mounting brackets with no modifications needed.



Stronger core design with reinforced aluminum tabs in all 4 corners


All-aluminum CNC machined side mounting brackets. Vast improvement over the OE plastic tanks.

Once again, CSF has listened to our customers to come out with another solution to address another problematic OEM radiator. Not only is this new radiator a must-have for all H3, Colorado, and Canyon owners, it’s now available at a great introductory price:
With a $549 MSRP, this radiator can be purchased at a special introductory price of $499

Please see our 2 top Hummer dealers for this model:
Redline 360 –

This new all-aluminum radiator (CSF #7061) fits the following models:

Hummer H3 & H3T – All-aluminum heavy duty & high performance radiator
2006-2010: 3.5L, 3.7L, & 5.3L engines.

This radiator also fits:
Chevrolet Colorado
2007-2012: 5.3 Liter engine
GMC Canyon
2007-2012: 5.3 Liter engine




14 thoughts on “New Heavy Duty Hummer H3 radiator

  1. Does this radiator have more cooling capacity or are all the improvements in strength and appearance? What I want is a replacement radiator that does a better job cooling. I don’t care if it’s polished and pretty.

  2. Hello,
    I am swapping my engine out and the inlet and outlet are on opposite side. Can you custom make it by switching the sides?
    Thank you

  3. “CSF does not include a radiator cap, only a cover for the factory cap to match the look of the rest of the system.“ does this mean I need to use the original radiator cap?

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