If you’re looking to modify, upgrade, or simply keep up with the maintenance on an Audi B5 S4, upgrading the cooling system with new CSF’s high-performance all-aluminum radiator is highly recommended CSF #7071. It’s another crucial fix along with a laundry list of other items to replace and maintain on the iconic Audi B5 S4. Keep in mind that these cars are 15-20 years old, and if you haven’t already had to replace your original plastic tank radiator, the time is definitely coming soon!

The new all-aluminum high-performance radiator from CSF is a 2-row 42mm core in a triple-pass configuration.

Introduced all the way back in 1997, the Audi B5 S4 came stock with a 2.7L twin-turbo V6 engine pushing out a baseline of 250 hp and 258 lb-ft torque. A simple tune and a few basic bolt-on parts can easily add on 100 hp to one of Audi’s most iconic sports cars that have become a favorite for track guys. The B5 S4 is definitely a sleeper and by slapping on bigger turbos, plus a few other high-performance upgrades, you’ll definitely catch some people off guard. However, adding additional power means also the creation of more heat in the engine. This is when you need to get a high-performance all-aluminum radiator for your Audi B5 S4. Except… until now, there has not been a reliable, drop-in fit option with an acceptable price point offered in the market. CSF has answered the call!

Exceptionally cut aluminum brackets and CNC machined fittings make for a perfect Audi B5 S4 all-aluminum radiator.

All CSF’s high-performance all-aluminum radiators include CSF’s exclusive B-Tube technology that increases the heat transfer approximately 15% over regular oval welded tubes. In addition, the super-efficient multi-louvered fins maximize airflow through the radiator core for the best radiator core technology and performance in the market. Combined with CSF’s industry-leading triple-pass design, CSF’s new Audi B5 S4 radiator is sure to check off all the boxes for the high performance and race crowd who need an upgrade in the cooling department. The radiator also features a smooth satin finish for a clean OEM+ look.

CSF’s triple-pass technology allows the coolant to flow through the radiator core 3x rather than just flowing across the surface of the core once. This allows much colder ambient air to exchange heat with the coolant for a 3x longer period of time generating the lowest outlet temperature possible. Still with a drop-in fit!

After studying what was currently available on the market for the Audi B5 S4 platform – CSF spent quite a bit of time perfecting the design after the initial prototype. CSF made sure to include machined OEM-style “Quick-Connect” inlet/outlet fittings, as well as machined installation seating areas on the top of each tank that holds the rubber bushing pads for correct and study fitment with no vibrations and no modifications necessary to install. Just another extra step that CSF has taken to continue to make the best cooling products in the world.

Perfectly positioned machined seating brackets for easy installation. The OEM style machined quick-connect fittings can also be seeing!

CSF’s new high-performance all-aluminum Audi B5 S4 radiator is now available worldwide from CSF’s global network of authorized distributors and dealers.

CSF’s New High-Performance All-Aluminum Audi B5 S4 Radiator

CSF model #7071
MSRP: $499 / MAP: $469
OEM #: 710353070710
Fits: 1997 – 2002 Audi S4 (B5)

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    Good day,

    my name is Sobe, i am owner and operator of Dr.Dub Automotive
    i have a Worldpac account and i spoke to the Vancouver office about purchasing a few b5 s4 aluminium radiators
    i was told that it is only available via Worldpac USA?
    can you please let me know how i would be able to purchase your product?

    your help is greatly appreciated

    Will this come with hoses (connections parts) or just on it’s own? And will have much trouble placing in the audi s4 b5 (2000 model) as looking into this cause my standard sets shot.

    Hi Lachie, this high-performance radiator is sold by itself and will fit your 2000 Audi S4 B5 with CSF’s “drop-in fitment”, it will utilize OEM connections and requires no additional parts for installation.

    I just purchased and installed this radiator in my car fit is very nice but after installing i realized there is no drain plug. Why is that?