The Players events are world famous for being among the biggest, most exciting, and most diverse in the “scene”. Players Classic is no exception, boasting a variety of vehicles that is possible unparalleled in the industry. While having a car show and track day combination event isn’t a novel concept, few pull it off as well as the crew from Players.

While the CSF crew from the States weren’t able to attend, CSF Europe (master distributor) and some of our European Dealers were there to represent. The morning of Saturday June 18th at Goodwood Motor Circuit was greeted by thousands of show goers and hundreds of vehicles. Modified modern classics, hot rods, circuit monsters, drift cars and everything in-between could be seen rolling into Goodwood.

CSF at the Players Classic

Being the 9th year of the Players Classic, it wasn’t surprising to see a lot of familiar faces and builds. However, as the event continues to get bigger every year, there is a wider variety and more cars than ever pushing every limit imaginable.

Alfa Romeo 4C – FW Motorsport

This Alfa Romeo is currently cranking out 340hp and 324 ft-lbs of torque from its 1.75L turbocharged engine. That is a solid increase of ~100 hp and ~65 ft-lbs of torque over stock. Naturally, this requires some upgraded cooling. However, there is very little available for the 4C when it comes to cooling products. Fergus Walkinshaw, owner of FW Motorsport and this red beast fabricate a bespoke cooling package using CSF Cores. This includes the CSF charge cooler to replace the intercooler of course, alongside an uprated charge-cooled radiator, turbocharger fan with custom ducting, and a custom transmission oil cooler and pump.

Audi C8 RS6 – QSTuning

QSTuning is one of the leading German tuning and maintenance specialists in the UK. This is currently the fastest stock turbo C8 RS6 in Europe. Boasting 834 hp and 811 ft-lbs of torque, this Stage 2+ rocket can do 0-60 in 2.63 seconds. The 1/4 Mile passes in 10.34 seconds on street tires. QSTuning has been one of the biggest supporters of our RS6/RS7 Twin Intercooler Sets (#8194). Not too surprising when they’re cranking out this much power on Audi’s 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8.

BMW 2.9L M20 powered E30 & Toyota AE86 – Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart (aka 7.nth) is the Technical Editor for Speedhunters and a longtime friend of CSF. He is one of the purest car enthusiasts out there building and racing some of the coolest cars. While we could go on about the cars in his stable, this E30 is just wild. Powered by a blueprinted and stroke M20B25 more that’s been stroked out to 2.9L and mated to a sequential gearbox, this car absolutely sings. So many details went into this build but the end result is an absolute monster that just oozes nostalgia. If you’d like to know more about what went into the build you can read more about it on the Speedhunters’ article or check out Ryan’s Instagram.

There are countless things we could say about this AE86. However, we want to keep post this short and sweet. The AE86 has always been regarded as one of the greatest driver’s cars of all time. Ryan’s track prepped Levin is just a thing of beauty. Some might criticize the missing grille, but we love the fact that you can see the CSF radiator peeking through. Head over to the Speedhunters article to read more about it.

More Cooled by CSF

There were so many great builds at the event featuring cooling packages from CSF that we just can’t list them all. However, these were some other notable examples we were able to get photos of.

Overall, an amazing event and we are looking forward to many more in the years to come. If you want to see more photos and more in-depth coverage of the Players Classic 2022, check out the photo gallery and article from Speedhunters: Saturday Is For Speed At Players Classic.

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