In early 2017, we’ve been planning dates with the gentlemen from the Players Show to host their show at our brand new facility here in Rancho Cucamonga. Considering the 2017 show season had already been scheduled, we came up with the idea of doing a post-SEMA Show event to debut some of the hottest SEMA builds and showcase some of SoCal’s most excellent rides.

Various builds from Domestics, European, JDM and high-end exotics, were present at this meet. There was a good variety for everyone to appreciate. To top it off, we all enjoyed some Tacos from Kogi BBQ and After’s Ice Cream. We may be on to something here, instead of the typical cars and coffee, we may have to put our spin on this meet and start hosting cars, and tacos/ice cream meets in the future. I’m sure a lot of you guys would be down for that!

The #CSFEVOX made its first public debut. The reactions were similar to the ones at SEMA; I overheard many say, “this is the EVO that was all over the Internet.” I’m happy our EVO is beginning to grow its fan base. Stay tuned; this will hit the track very soon!

We were also honored to have a couple of friends from SpeedHunters bless us with their presence to help us with event coverage as well. Check it out! Shout out to Ryan and Ben! I don’t think they were even home for a week after settling in from their SEMA trip, to hop on a plane from the UK back to Cali for 24 hours to attend this event.

What would a CSF meet be without CSF featured cars? Here are a few rides that rock CSF cooling products that came out to support our first event.

Alan from Mod Bargains definitely came to represent for the F82’s with CSF’s Top Mount Dual-Pass Charge-Air cooler custom painted in alpine white with red accents to match his livery and CSF’s front mount heat exchanger.

Sheepey Built’s Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan was breaking necks as usual. The custom-fabricated twin-turbo kit features a set of charge-air-coolers made with CSF’s liquid-to-air intercooler cores.

Mario a.k.a. @e90mario is a proud supporter and friend of CSF. He always brings the heat (literally), after moving from AZ to So Cal, he’s able to attend more shows and represent CSF to the fullest. He is known to have an interesting, yet unique taste in his liveries. He brought out his Java Green E90 M3 and drop top E36 M3 (which was sold to Zero 3030 Performance while at this show). Both of his M3’s are cooled by CSF. His E90 has CSF’s Ultimate Cooling package for the E9x M3’s which includes a triple-pass radiator, power steering, DCT/6 speed transmission and engine oil coolers.

One of many SEMA projects that we worked with LTMW with was this Subaru STI outfitted with an Oiram wide body kit. This STI is cooled by CSF’s high-performance all-aluminum radiator with built-in oil cooler.

@municmonster ‘s F82 M4 was one of CSF’s SEMA featured vehicles. He was also one of the first F82’s with CSF’s Top Mount Dual-Pass Charge-Air cooler installed, and to top it off, he was the fist one to have a mirror-polished finish. That bling really makes it pop!!

Another CSF SEMA featured vehicle made an appearance at our meet. @sterling_auto_con ‘s Porsche (991) 911 Turbo is one of the first ones to install CSF’s new Porsche 911 Turbo Intercoolers along with a set of high-performance all-aluminum radiators. The Porsche was still rockin’ the awesome urban camo livery that was turning head’s left and right, yet invisible to some.

Last, but definitely not least, our buddy Andrew, @andrew4reel, showed up with his LS swapped BMW E46 M3 drift car. This beast is cooled by CSF’s all-aluminum triple pass radiator and all-aluminum dual-pass race spec oil cooler. Everyone knows when Andrew is approaching because you can hear that V8 roar.

Hats off to all those who were involved with putting on this successful meet especially Carl and Jay from the Players Show. Their attention to detail from the awards to the layout of the cars set this meet apart from the typical shows/meets most of us have attended. Special thanks to Air Lift Performance, LTMW, AutoFashion, Euro Klasse, NOS Energy Drink, Smelly Panda, and Eurocode for coming out to represent!

There’s nothing like appreciating dope cars, eating good food, meeting/greeting the owners and most of all it’s FREEEE!! If you missed out on this opportunity, don’t catch the FOMO and come out to the next one! Till next time, STAY COOL!

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A few videos from the event:

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