R35 GT-R Oil Cooler

Exclusively for Topspeed Motorsports

The GT-R market in the USA primarily focuses on the latest generation R35 model. The Nissan GT-R (R35) has been for sale in the USA since 09. Within its current ~10 year model cycle (give or take), the boundaries of performance and power have been pushed to limits that have been shocking. We’re talking HP figures of over 2000HP, quarter-second drag times under 7 seconds, and top speeds of over 220 mph. Godzilla has really earned its name with the latest and greatest from Nissan that just keeps getting better.

CSF has recently joined forces with GT-R tuning specialist, Topspeed Motorsports from Atlanta, GA to develop and bring to market the industry’s best drop-in fit R35 GT-R oil cooler. At CSF we don’t take the word “best” lightly, and neither does Topspeed Motorsports with its record-breaking cars. The new CSF x Topspeed Motorsports R35 GT-R oil coolers have the following features:

CSF x Topspeed Motorsports R35 GT-R oil cooler (CSF #8097)

  • Direct fit high-performance oil cooler for the Nissan GT-R (R35) [All 09+ USDM, JDM, and European models)
  • High-Performance bar/plate core. Increase in core thickness from OEM tube/fin style 51mm to high-performance bar/plate 60mm for better cooling and oil capacity. Tested at ~10% more efficient than AMS.
  • Staggered external fin configuration for maximum surface area contact and heat dissipation.
  • Drop-in fit. A complete plug-and-play solution. Requires no modifications to install. Uses all attaching OEM components.
  • Cast endtank design for precise fitment and maximum value
  • Satin black heat dispersion coating
  • Designed and manufactured by OEM cooling partner CSF Cooling – Individually leak tested before packaging
  • MSRP/MAP: $899 USD – Exclusively available from TopSpeed Motorsports and it’s network of specialty performance dealers

Tested in TSM’s very own 1700HP GT-R. The new TSM R35 GT-R oil cooler is a perfect high-performance solution for all aspects of motorsports, including circuit racing, drag racing, and endurance racing to name a few. Not only are you getting a performance upgrade, but since it’s drop-in-fit, it also has immense value when needing a replacement for the OEM cooler in the case of a failure. The OEM Nissan GT-R R35 oil cooler sells from the dealer for a staggering $5000USD! Get the best oil cooler at the best price for you R35 GT-R from TopSpeed Motorsports.

Don’t forget to package CSF’s Nissan R35 GT-R all-aluminum radiator with TSM’s new R35 oil cooler for the ultimate cooling solution for your Nissan GT-R.
CSF’s 2-row 42 mm radiator is the only aftermarket in the world to use the OEM style B-Tube technology and to have a tapered top aluminum end tank for a complete drop-in fit, that requires absolutely zero modifications to install.
CSF #7041 – MSRP: $499

CSF’s high-performance bar/plate oil cooler for the R35 GTR is now available.

Buy it from our Exclusive Dealer below:

**Update as of 1/29/2020**
Topspeed Motorsports has been rebranded to Cicio Performance. 
Please contact Cicio Performance directly to purchase the oil cooler. 
Email: sales@cicioperformance.com 
Phone: (678) 297-7770 / (855) 854-0123
Website: cicioperformance.com/

**Update as of 5/19/2020**
Rebranded for Cicio Performance
Pricing Update: MSRP – $749.00 USD

**Update as of 8/26/2021**

This product is now available through our international distribution network as a CSF branded product. Please click here to inquire if you are located outside of the U.S.

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