Now that SEMA is behind us, well by now, it’s way behind us, and I’m finally getting some time to catch up on some coverage from several events. I guess better late than never right? This year’s SEMA was huge for us as it is each year, but it’s exciting to see the CSF brand continue to bloom like the Cereus cactus in Crazy Rich Asians, viewing party and everything! (a.k.a. our booth). It’s an understatement when I say our booth was LIT. It’s also a benefit to having a SEMA Battle of the Builders (BOTB) finalist as a booth car two consecutive years in a row. In fact, we’ve had 3 BOTB finalists in our booth in the past 4 years. 

Why was our booth LIT you say? Well because we had 2 heavy hitter builds that broke the necks of almost everyone who passed by. Let’s start off with Honest Assembly’s BMW E30 M3 with an S55 engine swap from a 2018 BMW F80 M3. There have been many unique swaps in various E30 chassis, but this was the first one with an S55. One of the most frequent questions asked was, “Who built this?” Answer: Six college students from Colorado who call themselves “Amateur automotive enthusiasts building a 2018 SEMA car”. That’s right, six kids managed to impress a lot of people including seasoned builders who tipped their hats off to these young bucks. Even though this build didn’t win 1st place, it managed to get top 12 SEMA BOTB and won Top Honors of SuperStreet’s SEMA Ultimate Awards. The accolades and media press is still going strong till this day and these young men became overnight celebrities. Check out the SpeedHunters feature on this build for more details and amazing shots captured by our good friend Mark Riccioni.

Alongside the BMW E30 M3, we had Sheepey Race’s Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Spyder. A stock “Rosso Corsa” red Ferrari will always grab the attention of just about anyone, but this one nearly had every enthusiast (especially Ferrari lovers) drooling over it. This car popped at every angle. Coming in from the front aspect, the Prior Design kit gave the 458 a modern aggressive yet subtle look. Shift to the side, and you can easily get lost in the body lines and end up feasting your eyes on a massive custom set of Rotiform BUC wheels. Now to the business in the back. Aesthetically, there’s not much to notice aside from the custom exhaust tips and Prior Design rear bumper. Not to downplay any of those nice touches, but pop the hood and you’ll immediately see the custom twin charge coolers, cooled by CSF, and the twin turbos tucked away where the factory exhaust system used to be. Behind the aggressive aero in the rear, you’ll also notice a pair of custom heat exchangers made by Sheepey Race using exclusive CSF heat exchanger cores explicitly made for their exotic twin-turbo kits. Seeing it is one thing, but hearing the spool of the turbo and rumble of the exhaust is very satisfying. You can see more details, photos, and videos on SpeedHunters here.

Sheepey Race’s Twin-Turbo Ferrari 458 Spyder cooled by CSF!

Some BTS footage of Larry Chen’s photoshoot for Hoonigan during SEMA.

If you haven’t checked out our SEMA 2018 Preview, feel free to do so to get the whole REVEAL experience. There were some builds mentioned in that preview that debuted at SEMA and we didn’t have access to any complete photos at that time. Now it’s time to reveal them to you if you haven’t had a chance to see them. 

Shawn Bassett’s Full Carbon Fiber 240Z w/ a 5.3 LS V8 swap on a tube frame was the talk of the Toyo Treadpass. He’s using a CSF R1 Competition radiator and Universal Boss Oil Cooler to keep it cool. We’ll be doing a full feature on his build in the near future.

Ryan Hoegner’s Porsche 911 SC is a true work of art, simple, clean, and flawless. Our Universal Dual-Pass Oil Cooler w/ Direct Fitment for Porsche 911 center front oil cooler (RS Style) really completes the look of the front of this car.

From renderings to real life, Steve from Euroklasse literally went 0-100 real quick! He loves to go fast and understands the importance of cooling and really went all out on his cooling system. Steve used a combination of CSF coolers including a Universal Dual-Pass Oil Cooler (CSF #8110), BMW Z4 Radiator (CSF #7046), and a custom-fabricated intercooler using a CSF heavy duty bar & plate intercooler core (CSF #8048).

JP Euro and Kream Developments’ Nissan R35 GTR was mean muggin’ everyone at SEMA. The aggressive front and smooth lines of the molded wide-body kit really pops. This beast is kept cool by our R35 GTR radiator (CSF #7041) and a high-performance GTR Oil Cooler made exclusively for Top Speed Motorsports (CSF #8097)

I was looking forward to seeing this MK2 GTI Rallye in person. Kraftwerx really went above and beyond on this build. This build features a unique combination of CSF cooling products. It has a one-off liquid-to-air intercooler made by Sheepey Race using our new liquid-to-air intercooler cores, a Universal Oil Cooler (CSF #8110) as a heat exchanger and Universal Tuck Radiator (CSF #8049) made exclusively for Rywire. We will be doing a full feature on this build in the near future as well. 

Our good friend Marc (@pterodactyltactics) went over the top on his Twin Turbo Lamborghini Super Trofeo Huracan 1000-2. Along with the laundry list of mods on this car, the carbon Kevlar touches are one of my favorites. Even the twin charge-air-coolers made by Sheepey Race using our new liquid-to-air intercooler cores were wrapped in carbon Kevlar. We will also do a feature on this build as well so stay tuned to our blogs!

StanceWorks amazed us again with this 1931 Ford Model A with a Supercharged Coyote swap. Those guys have a unique vision for their builds and always comes out one of a kind. This build uses our Universal Tuck Radiator (CSF #8024) made exclusively for Rywire as a supercharger heat exchanger along with our new Dual-Fluid Oil Cooler (CSF #8026) to cool the engine and trans oil. More to come on this build on an upcoming feature as well.

This was a very interesting concept done by R35 Hundred using a R35 GTR platform with an INDY 500/Daytona prototype engine. This is cooled by our R35 GTR Radiator (CSF #7041) and high-performance GTR Oil Cooler made exclusively for Top Speed Motorsports (CSF #8097).

Even our very own CSF BMW F10 M5 made the trek out to SEMA and was one of our featured cars for the show. The F1X M5/M6 Twin Charge-Air-Cooler Set (CSF #8109) was also displayed at our booth and received a lot of attention. If you haven’t already seen the feature by SpeedHunters on our M5, check it out here.

As our brand continues to grow, more builds with CSF products are showing up at SEMA and events across the globe. Here are just a few cars we had time to capture during SEMA that rep CSF.

As I wrap up this SEMA recap and the end of 2018 is on the horizon, we at CSF would like to thank everyone for their support and wish everyone a Happy New Year! See you guys in 2019! Stay safe and stay COOL!

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