The Snail Performance SHOWKAR

CSF sponsored WRX time attack monster

CSF media partners,, have released a full feature and inside look into Snail Performance’s SHOWKAR. This Subaru WRX time attack monster is cooled with CSF’s 2 row racing-spec STI/WRX all-aluminum radiator (CSF #7042).

Check out the full feature, which was taken at this year’s finale of the Red Line Time Attack series, on – Sneek Peak: Snail Performance Time Attack WRX SHOWKAR

Showkar by Snail Performance

Snail Performance has been helping CSF innovate, improve, and validate the performance our industry leading Subaru Radiators throughout the year, and have seeing improvements of over 30 degrees in temperature reduction after switching from a Mishimoto 3 row X-line radiator to an advanced all-aluminum CSF radiator.

The Snail Performance SHOWKAR

The Snail Performance SHOWKAR

Snail Performance is also a CSF specialized dealer, and can help with all of your CSF cooling needs. Hit driver/owner Taylor Wilson up at for more information, and make sure to follow them as they come hard in 2014 at a Time Attack event near you.

CSF's 2 row racing-spec STI/WRX all-aluminum radiator (CSF #7042).

CSF’s 2 row racing-spec STI/WRX all-aluminum radiator (CSF #7042).

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