Everyone knows CSF as a cooling system manufacturer but, truth be told, that’s only part of the equation for us. 

The CSF Racing & High-Performance Division was founded with different reasoning in mind – a deeper purpose than just pushing out products. Everyone at CSF Race eats, sleeps, and bleeds automotive aftermarket. That’s why we take such pride in our products – not only because we’re proud of what we create, but because of the relationships this allows us to create within the industry.

One of these partnerships is with Stanceworks, one of the leading names in the online automotive media world. CSF has been the exclusive cooling sponsor for numerous Stanceworks project cars – notably including the supercharged, Coyote-powered Model A that recently took the internet by storm… again.

We’ve been friends with the Stanceworks team for years now – with them covering our yearly Players Select show here at our HQ and shooting features of some of the builds we’ve been involved with.

CSF’s 991 Turbo S – One of Many CSF Cooled Cars Featured on Stanceworks

Just recently, Stanceworks photographer Mike Burroughs, swung by our Southern California headquarters for his first (and long overdue) proper tour to get the scoop on the CSF brand – from how day-to-day operations work and a deeper dive on some of our key products, to our endless stories about the cars and people we’ve worked with.

All of which would not be possible without CSF’s longstanding history and impressive backstory, which brought the brand from India, dating back to the early ’70s, to the United States import market – and now to wholesale companies, countless dealers, and some of the best racecars around the entire world.

“…On paper, it’s difficult to turn a corporation into a community figure, but with an inside look at CSF, it becomes crystal clear that behind the technology, behind the products, and behind the incredible logistics is a group of enthusiasts that have flourished into a leading brand, all without forgetting their roots.”

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