The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPICH) is arguably one of the most difficult races for both drivers and their vehicles. Building, Tuning, and Racing a vehicle that has to cover 12.42 miles with 4725 ft. of elevation change is incredibly taxing. CSF worked closely with 3 podium placing teams providing the cooling they needed for this challenge.

This was Studio RSR‘s first year at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and facing all the challenges that entailed. Coming out of the 2022 racing season, Studio RSR took 1st place in Global Time Attack (Street Class) and set their sights on a new challenge. Getting the A90 Supra ready for the hill climb was a brand new experience. While most of the setup for time attack was well suited for PPICH, there were some tuning adjustments to be made. The extreme altitude changes meant Studio RSR spent a lot of time on tuning. Making sure they could still produce good power throughout the race was essential. We are happy to say that the CSF Ultimate-Spec Cooling package handled all the extra stress easily.

Just finishing the Pikes Peak Hill Climb is a challenge and a great accomplishment for many teams. CSF is proud to congratulate Studio RSR on finishing in 6th Place for the Time Attack 1 Division. While this may not be a podium finish, we are confident that they’ll get there quickly.

Photo Coverage by Larry Chen






Finishing with a total time of 10:59.725 was very respectable. Robert Robles (Studio RSR Owner and Driver) really made an impressive run for his first time on the mountain. The Studio RSR team is always pushing hard to be better and faster. We have no doubt they’ll return to set a new record for themselves at Pikes Peak.

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