When BMW released the G81 M3 Touring (Wagon) American’s were heartbroken to hear it would not be coming to the states. The M3 Touring is probably the most desirable sports wagon to be designed since the C8 RS6. Fast-forward to 2023, R44 Performance out of the UK teamed up with some of the biggest tuning companies in the US to import one for a tour across the country. The best part, you get to follow along with the full build and get to see it in person at one of the many events it will be attending.

G81 M3 Touring Road to SEMA

Plenty of SEMA cars have had their builds documented preceding the show. However, few start their journey in the UK and fewer are unavailable vehicles in the USA. Follow along as the R44 Performance M3 Touring travels through the states with stops at shows and getting a full build along the way.

The Build

Landing In Miami

July 17-18, 2023

Our friends at Vossen Wheels picked up the R44 crew when they landed in Miami. The M3 Touring had arrived at the port and was ready to be delivered to Vossen Headquarters. This M3 Competition landed 100% stock and brand spanking new. Brooklyn Grey Metallic is a nice color, but it won’t stay that color for long.

The crew headed out for the first photoshoot with the M3 Touring. In stock form this is a good looking wagon. However, tuners just can’t leave anything stock for long.

Wrapping with Inozetek & Carbon Bits from MHC

July 18-20, 2023

While Brooklyn Grey Metallic is a great looking paint color, the team at R44 thought it needed a more unique look. The M3 Touring turned to INOZETEK for a complete wrap in their SUPER GLOSS KHAKI GREEN. The R44 actually flew out their wrap specialist from the UK for this special job. He did an amazing job stripping the whole car down for a full color change.

While the car was being put back together it got some special carbon fiber upgrades from MHC. Their full G8X Carbon Fiber Trim Kit includes Front Splitter, Side Skirts, Diffuser, Grilles, Front Ducts, and Side Badges.

Air Ride Install at Slammered

July 20, 2023

After wrapping up at INOZETEK, the M3 Touring headed over to SLAMMERED for a custom install on the new Air Lift Performance suspension. SLAMMERED is one of the most well known fabricators in Miami specializing in air ride systems.

Custom Forged Wheels from Vossen

July 20, 2023

Everyone knows one of the most important choices when modifying a car is your wheel choice. As one of the most visible upgrades you want a design that compliments the car while meeting the performance needs. R44 chose to go with the Vossen S21-02 Forged Wheels in Gloss Clear and they fit the build perfectly. They went with 20 inches for the diameter and wrapped them in 275/30R20 (F) and 285/30R20 (R) Michelin Pilot Sport 4S.

First Photoshoot

July 22-24, 2023

With the wrap, suspension, and wheels all complete the M3 Touring was ready for its first photoshoot reveal. While the build is just getting started, the look alone is just stunning.

Port of Miami
Miami Waterfront
Miami Beach

The car might look complete to some. However, there are many more updates and upgrades to come.

BMW M3 Touring | Vossen Forged | R44 Performance

Cooling at Titan Motorsports

July 24-28, 2023

Power produces heat. It is a simple and undeniable truth whether you’re increasing horsepower in an internal combustion engine or more kilowatts of electricity. R44 took the M3 Touring to one of CSF’s biggest Dealer/Installers, Titan Motorsports prepared the for tuning and big power gains (800awhp goal).

CSF’s G8X 3-Piece Power Cooling Package is the ultimate cooling solution for the platform. Keeping charge air temperatures in check is only part of the equation for the S58 engine. The factory charge air cooler is a crimped and gasket design that is prone to fail at as low as 30 pounds of boost. This puts on a huge limit on power potential before even dealing with the added heat from more boost pressure.

The CSF S58 “Level-Up” Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold is a TIG welded billet aluminum design that will take all the pressure R44 is going to throw at it. Paired with the CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger, the M3 Touring will have no issues keeping those charge air temperatures down while cranking up the boost. To round things off Titan Motorsports is also installing the CSF G8X ZF8 Automatic Transmission Cooler. Transmission tuning, sending more power through the system, and much more intense acceleration increases temperatures as well and there needs to be a good way to shed that heat.

R44 decided to go with a unique and subtle custom finish on their Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold. Frozen Polish adds a smooth sheen that gives the billet a really high end look. While it’s hard to see the details in photos, this piece is really a piece of art.


Installs at Precision Sport Industries

August 5, 2023

With the M3 Touring all set for power, there are still plenty of modifications to do. The R44 crew headed over to Precision Sport Industries (PSI) for some brake upgrades, exhaust install, and shift paddles. If you’re from Florida, you know that PSI for their work on BMWs. Doubtless you’ve seen many of their project cars on the internet and maybe even in person.

For the exhaust system, the crew obviously had to go with the R44 BMW M3/M4 Titanium Race Cat Back Exhaust System w/ Carbon Tips. R44 spent months developing their exhaust system as free flowing as possible while achieving an aggressive sound. It features integrated valves that work with the OE BMW system so you can fly under the radar when needed. Needless to say, it looks and sounds amazing.

While the car was up on the rack they also fitted the M3 Touring with some upgraded PSI Brake Pads. While the factory brakes were doing a decent job, they felt it needed a little extra stopping power.

Factory paddle shifters from almost any car brand leave something to be desired. Fortunately, JQ Werks offers an awesome upgrade for the BMW G-Chassis. The JQ Werks Madtrace® ADJUSTABLE Clubsport Magnetic Paddle Shifters look as good as they feel. PSI made quick work of the installation and the R44 crew couldn’t wait to get on the road to test them out.

Installs at IND Distribution

August 7, 2023

No details in this build are being overlooked. That’s why R44 headed over to IND Distribution for some special upgrades. IND is well known for carrying the widest variety of carbon fiber upgrades for BMW.

Engine Bay

Starting in the engine bay the M3 Touring needed an intake system to complement the CSF upgrades done at Titan Motorsports. Naturally they chose the Eventuri G8X M3/M4 Carbon Intake System with a matte finish. Paired with the Eventuri G8X M3/M4 Carbon Engine Cover, the engine bay has the looks to match the performance.

In addition, R44 decided to add some styling bits from GoldenWrench. Their Blackline Washer Fluid Cap and Engine Cap Cover Set really add a nice touch to the engine bay. Each cap is CNC formed from T6 Aluminum and anodized in their signature anthracite grey. Lastly, the MHC+ G8X M2/M3/M4 Carbon Fiber Slam Panel adds that extra signature touch.

Keeping with the performance with style theme, a Motech Aluminum Strut Brace was also installed with the other engine bay goodies. Reducing chassis flex while adding a little extra flare to the engine bay rounded out this part of the installation.

Exterior / Interior

Moving to the outside, there were some small and big changes to be made. The standard BMW badges were replaced with IND’s Painted BMW Roundels. These blacked out emblems removed that chrome outline and have a really performance look to them. Fall-Line Motorsports Tow Straps (Front & Rear) in black with Tri-Color M stitching fit the build perfectly. They’re also going to be necessary for when the M3 Touring gets out on the track. Wrapping things up Acexxon Reflector Inserts were wrapped and installed.

For the interior they selected a Genuine BMW Performance G8X Fire Extinguisher Kit that installs on the underside of the front seat. This not only looks cool, but is a great safety feature for any car.

The big ticket exterior upgrade was the first G81 M3 Touring Carbon Fiber Roof by Alpha-N-Performance. The team at IND did an amazing job cutting out the original roof panel and meticulously installing the new carbon fiber piece. The combination of weight savings and increased body rigidity have some great performance benefits. On top of all that, it just looks sexy as hell. This installation is not for the faint of heart or your average DIYer. A good chunk of the interior had to be removed and a lot of cutting was involved. In the end, you’d never know this wasn’t factory installed.


Touring with the Touring

MPACT Motorsport Festival

August 19-20, 2023

The first public appearance of the M3 Touring was at MPACT Motorsport Festival in Pennsylvania (Pocono Raceway). MPACT is one of the largest BMW shows in the nation and the perfect place to debut the M3.

Show Prep – Friday

While it may look like a bunch of fun, a lot of work goes into setup for the show. However, we know no one wants to see pictures of everyone sweating while putting up canopies and setting out product. R44 managed to snag some great photos of some sweet BMWs during roll in.

Main Event – Saturday

The event was absolutely incredible. The turn our was amazing with some of the highest profile BMWs on the east coast showing up in force. The vendor booths were top notch this year and we got to see so many CSF Dealers at the show. However, the CSF booth was definitely the biggest attraction with the M3 Touring on display.

The M3 Touring took home the prize for Best Euro. CSF and the R44 crew couldn’t have been happier with the event.

Roll Racing – Sunday

On Display at Turn 14

August 23, 2023

Turn 14 is one of the biggest aftermarket parts distributors in North America. Their corporate headquarters in Horsham, PA regularly displays show vehicles from different vendors. Naturally, the R44 M3 Touring was giving center stage in their lobby for everyone to admire. CSF works closely with Turn 14 and they were thrilled when we approached them about hosting this special car for a week.

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