CSF has been working with specialized Subaru race teams across North America to prove that patented technologies result in the most significant temperature drops for performance-hungry Subaru owners. Subaru race cars typically run hot, particularly in high horsepower applications over 500 HP.

Snail Performance’s “SHOWKAR” was a great test vehicle considering their new turbocharge set-up, front mount intercooler, and hot Arizona desert climate which they typically race in. The results were outstanding – our Subaru performance radiators speak for themselves!

“Based out of Arizona, we see temperatures on track over 90 degrees early in the year and atmospheres do not cool down until late October. With temperatures this high, we have fought cooling issues all year with water temps quickly rising to 220 degrees plus in no time! It was clear the competitors extra wide triple row unit was not cutting it and was pulled for CSF #7028 (superseded by cSF #7094). This unit is a single row core which may lead you to believe the loss of capacity and surface area could never improve cooling issues. Fortunately for us, the team at CSF knows how to manufacture a quality and efficient core that easily beats the competition. “

—Snail Performance

That’s not all Snail had to say about our Subaru performance products! Check out their article today to learn more about the CSF difference.

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