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How CSF's cooling technology is changing the game one race car at a time

CSF has been working with specialized Subaru race teams across N. America to prove that our B-tube technology and other innovative technologies make for the most amazing temperature drops with our new cooling systems including our line of Subaru Racing radiators. Subaru race cars typically run very hot, especially high horse power applications over 500 HP, especially with front mount intercooler set-ups.

Check out this article from Subaru race team Snail Performance (link to website) on what we were able to accomplish with their cooling system when they switched from a 3 row X-line Mishimoto radiator to a single-row “drop-in” fit unit from CSF (#7028). Extreme race version with a dual row core also available in limited supplies (#7042)

Snail Performance’s “SHOWKAR” was a great test vehicle considering their new turbocharge set-up, front mount intercooler, and hot Arizona desert climate which they typically race in. The results were outstanding – our Subaru racing radiators speak for themselves!

“Based out of Arizona, we see temperatures on track over 90 degrees early in the year and atmospheres do not cool down until late October. With temperatures this high, we have fought cooling issues all year with water temps quickly rising to 220 degrees plus in no time! It was clear the competitors extra wide triple row unit was not cutting it and was pulled for CSF part number 7028. This unit is a single row core which may lead you to believe the loss of capacity and surface area could never improve cooling issues. Fortunately for us, the team at CSF knows how to manufacture a quality and efficient core that easily beats the competition. “

With a fresh 550hp on tap, we took our SHOWKAR to both Inde Motorsports Ranch with NASA AZ and Willow Springs Raceway with Shift S3ctor Global Time Attack for recent testing. The results were phenomenal. With nothing more than a simple drop in of the CSF unit, we saw an immediate peak temperate drop of over 30 degrees! Despite our best efforts to heat the car up, coolant temperatures never rose passed 190. Keep in mind, this is all on the CSF single row street application drop in radiator without any ducting or additional cooling modifications all while an intercooler and oil cooler blocked direct airflow to 3/4 of the physical radiator core.”

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Check the rest of the article with in-depth review and more pictures here:

Link to article – Winning with CSF –

Subaru Racing Radiators

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