CSF’s New McLaren 720S/765LT High-Performance Intercooler System

The new advantage for the absolute best quarter-mile traps and half-mile speeds, designed for the fastest and most powerful McLarens in the world

CSF is starting 2021 with a bang. 

Introducing a truly collaborative effort exemplifying the best in the performance aftermarket industry, 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Cars and Coffee

Irvine Cars and Coffee Meet Up (3/29/14)

CSF Explores The Original Cars and Coffee Meet

It had been a long long time since I last attended the Irvine Cars and Coffee meet. I’m the last thing from an early riser morning person so the last time I think that I had attended was when it used to be at the Crystal Court shopping plaza over 5 years ago. Being that the new CSF Porsche 911 Turbo S race car was going to be making it’s debut, I decided to have an early night on Friday in order to be able to wake up and be fresh for my 1st real Cars&Coffee experience. Read more…
Lamborghini Newport Beach Supercar Show

Lamborghini Newport Beach Supercar Show

An Inside Look with CSF

The beginning of the year is a great time for a fresh start and new experiences. CSF takes that motto to heart, and on the first Saturday of 2014, we attended the Lamborghini Newport Beach Supercar show in our own backyard.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in Newport Beach since I was 13 years old, so seeing exotic cars is not something that I’m not used to. However, seeing so many of them in the same place as well as some ultra exotics that rarely come out of the garage was a huge treat. It was pretty hard to not drool all over these $250,000+ supercars.

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