CSF’s rEVOlutionary Build Part 3

Inner Beauty

Initiate the interior phase of the #CSFEVOX! After several months at Sheepey Built  we are ready for the next phase: Full Custom Bespoke Interior by ASC Speed Metal  and Full Custom Upholstery by Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery. We had so many different ideas on the interior design that we couldn’t make up our mind. It wasn’t until one of our visits to Rywire and just so happened Ryan’s Acura Integra Type R and Big Mike’s Prelude were there to admire and EUREKA! we got our inspiration right then and there.
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The Ultimate EVO Full-Slim 7/8/9 Radiator


The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a highly versatile compact sports-sedan that can tackle just about any type of road or track you throw at it. With its rally-inspired performance and design, it’s potential is quite limitless. There are numerous aftermarket performance parts made for the EVO, and no matter how mild or wild you go with the build, keeping it COOL is vital.

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